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How is everyone’s workout routine going this Ramadan month? I’m not quite at my peak, but I’m doing my best to stay active in all the little things in life during the day, whether it be little walks to the grocery store, or biking around the neighborhood. You’ll find me exercising at night in the gym, and I’m sure you’ve seen some of my activities on my stories as a way of encouraging you all to get it moving!

When I’m not dressed in heels or skirts, I typically spend a lot of my time in comfortable gear. I try to wear something practical for these daily activities, which always remind me to make the most out of everything! I came across this fabulous training set by Adidas sold at Finish Line, and let’s just say this is going to be my “airport ootd” from here on and then. To top it off, I’m SO excited to be wearing the new Adidas ultra boost 4.0 running shoes. They honestly fit like a glove, and I’m obsessed with this white and purple color combination. There are so many color combinations available at Finish Line, and it’s a one stop-shop for your active gear needs. It’s all about athleisure this summer, so you can shop my EXACT outfit here and more!

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As you can tell from my recent Insta-Stories, I've been SO obsessed with Autumn in Saint Louis! The trees, the weather, and the overall environment is just so calm and stunning. My favorite place to be active outdoors is Creve Ceour Park in Saint Louis. The pathways are strikingly colorful, and always full of life. I absolutely love taking advantage of a beautiful day outside, and take my basic workout outdoors to get the best of both. Its a really great start to getting you motivated. 
 As I was getting ready to head out for a power walk with my sisters, I put on newly received workout attire from Athleta, and can truly accredit that a little retail inspiration is just the trick to get you moving this November! I decided to step out of the ordinary black tights and try out the Stealth 7/8 Tight in maroon. What I love about it is that it has Skulptec Technology, making your legs and body feel instantly firmer and more put together. I felt so comfortable jogging in these outdoors, and they're so versatile that I wear them now to university with long sweaters and coats!  To top off the tights, Athleta was so kind to send the Cozy Karma Dress, considering what was most suitable for my modest workout attire. It's absolutely amazing with the little thumb hole details, to the wide cowl neck hoodie, to the large pockets for keys & a phone, down to the plush interior lining for the crisp November weather. Lastly, I wore the Responsible Down Bomber in silver, adding the perfect polished element to finish off my look.  
Ultimately, I hope this post has inspired you to change up your wardrobe and take your workout outdoors this November! Whether it be hiking in your local park, or jogging in the neighborhood, don't underestimate the power of a good outfit to get you inspired and moving. 
Shop my full look from Athleta below! 

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One of the biggest trends I've seen in the past few years is the fusion of fitness wear into everyday wear! The busier we are, the more we place importance on incorporating comfort into our everyday lives and style. Today, I'm teaming up with Athleta to share how I styled their #streettights into my day of errands in NYC. 

For this look, I went for something casual for running errands. My favorite thing about the "High Rise Copper Zipper Chaturangaa Street Tights" is the added luxurious details in the zippers and pockets. They feel fancy enough to pair with a long sweater in boots in the fall, and sporty enough to pair with a sweatshirt on a busy day. It also feels very firm on my body, giving me more of a grip in my walk (compared to thinner leggings). 

 I paired the "Elemental Rain Coat" along with the tights, which is especially great in its super wide side pockets (meaning I didn't have to carry a purse!). I'm absolutely loving all of Athleta's latest releases for fall, which are super accommodating for those of us wanting more modest athleisure wear. Here are some of my favorite pieces in their collection! 

Overall, what I love about these pieces is the high quality combined with the chic style. I feel comfortable wearing this look for errands, to school, for travel and even for out with friends. You can definitely look polished while also looking comfortable and athletic! Who knows-- it may even motivate you to incorporate a small workout into your day :) #powerofshe

Have a great day! 

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Fitness Fashion ft. Mumine Active Wear


I have been trying to get into gym mode now that the weather is getting better, so yesterday I took my Mumine Activewear hoodie for a hike at Castlewood State Park. Not only was it comfortable to workout in with a pair of leggings, but also effortless to get ready in. Pair this sweatshirt with black tights/ pants and you are good to go! I will definitely be wearing this hoodie at least once a week. 

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