Look Magazine Photo Shoot: August 2014

Last year, I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with Look Magazine UK for an article about my collaboration with Mimu Maxi! I recreated my look in the lime green skirt and went out to midtown Saint Louis for some amazing photography shots with Jay Fram photography.

*If you haven't read about the collaboration's news features, see below for details. 

The story:

I was sent a beautiful Mimu Maxi lime green skirt last August to incorporate into an outfit post. I shared it to my 10,000 IG followers at the time, as featured in the images above, keeping the shared modest style that Mimu Maxi reflected in their clothing designs. Unfortunately, after Mimu Maxi reposted the photos on their social media, their audience became upset at their support of a Muslim blogger during the Palestinian- Israeli conflict in the summer of 2014. While the photos had no political messages, I received a lot of hate (and threats) for solely wearing modest clothing. I did not think twice when I was asked to collaborate with an Orthodox Jewish company. We have more commonalities than differences in our religions. I also highly respected their modest values and creativity in their designs.

Mimu Maxi did not tolerate the hate comments, deleting them immediately and coming out with a statement in support of their decision to collaborate with a Muslim hijabi blogger, stating that one "can not fight hate with hate". This story quickly gained plenty of media interest from around the world, showcasing how fashion can be used to not only unite the commonalities between faiths but promote creativity while adhering to one's values.