1. STORETS - I love browsing their site for unique jacket & sweater finds! They always have something different about them, whether it be added bows, lace, asymmetry and more.

  2. H&M- This is a staple site amongst a lot of us. Lately, I’ve been loving their sweaters and coats for the winter (such as the plaid one above!)

  3. EXPRESS- Always known for their super cozy & colorful sweaters! I love pairing them with leggings and an oversized coat over.

  4. MANGO- This has been my go-to spot for midi skirts, such as the zig zag print above.

  5. FARFETCH- Great site to browse luxury accessory finds— especially on sale!


  7. ASOS- Pretty much everything you can think of! All of your fave adorable brands in one place. I love to browse this site when I’m looking for something specific— just stick it in their search engine.

  8. KOHLS- The Simply Vera Wang collection has such cute, cozy pieces for winter. I’m wearing a set by the brand above!

  9. MACYS- So many brands to browse, and they always have coupons!

  10. TARGET - WHO WHAT WEAR collection is my fave! It’s so affordable, and has super cute releases all the time! I’m wearing their orange satin skirt above.


As winter is approaching its time to bring out all my boots! Over the years I have accumulated a collection of booties that I continuously wear during winter. I have found a few different styles of boots to wear and match my entire winter wardrobe. Below are boot styles to invest in and how to style them.

My husband and I have these cute matching boots of my recent collaboration with Timberland. We both dressed in a cozy-chic style to match the comfort of the boots!


My favorite way to style over the knee boots are with midi skirts and midi dresses. It gives more coverage for a modest outfit.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

These are a few style of boots to try out this fall and winter.

My 5 Must Have Midi Skirts This Fall

I’m all about midi skirts this fall! Here are some of my top looks and ways to style them!


Checkered skirts are so easy to pair with sweaters— just look to the print and get inspired!


For a looser fitting look, try a pleated skirt! I balanced it with an off the shoulder blazer and blazer to add more dimension.


As seen on my Instagram, I styled this Midi skirt From whowhatwear with a blue sweater and high knee boots.


Denim skirts are back, but with an upscale twist. I’m loving the white seaming in this look— it would look great for a casual chic look with a white button down.



This midi skirt is full of colors, which makes it easy to pair a matching sweater! I’d play off the yellow tones, and accessorize with brown.


Much love,

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.14.44 PM.png


Hi folks! As you know, I recently got married in Saint Louis, MO, so it’s quite appropriate for me to say I’m a bit of an expert on planning a wedding in Saint Louis (as would any bride after all the work!). I thought I’d take some of the things I learned along the way and turn them into this little post for you all!

One of the hottest wedding venues in Saint Louis is the Maison Du Lac. I took a little tour of this place before its official opening, and lets just say, it was QUITE spectacular. A lake, a cottage AND a venue, all in one!? It is totally the rustic-chic wedding venue of dreams!

The venue was actually opened by Ces & Judy’s in April of 2018, a company that is dear to me, as they catered my wedding! As you read back in my wedding day post, they were able to navigate all my recipe desires to create a really delicious menu of Mediterranean meets American blended cuisine. From adding flavors like taziki sauce to lamb skewers, or goat cheese to risotto, we definitely went out of the box when planning an Arab wedding.

Anyway, the Venue at Maison du Lac, is a stunning modern building on a 25 acre property. It’s located in a small valley past Pacific, MO and offers both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies! Here are the details of my top things to look for in a venue:


Bridal Suite: The first thing that caught my eye was the bridal ready area. Its a modern luxe suite that features a living room area, a large bathroom, wardrobe closets, and so much more for you and your bridesmaids. It’s so picturesque for all of your fun, friend photos too! It’s definitely amazing to see venues incorporating a bridal suite on site to help reduce the anxiety of the wedding day (and can be back for touch ups / changes all night!).


Aesthetic grassy areas: These natural spaces are the best when wanting an area for outdoor ceremonies, games, dancing, or even just photos. It makes everything look so much more beautiful and aesthetic, and really lightens up the mood of the crowd. I’m especially excited about the lake on site, which is very rare to find at venues in Saint Louis!


Ballroom with windows and open spaces: the best part about the venue indoors is that you’re still able to feel like you’re outside. You don’t want to feel that the party is limited to just a hotel room, or ballroom, but rather the entire venue is part of the ceremony!

Overall, if you’re looking to plan a wedding, or even a large event in Saint Louis, I’d highly recommend visiting the Maison Du Lac for a tour. It’ll be sure to captivate your eye, and shape the rustic-chic wedding or event of your dreams!

Much love,

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.14.44 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.32.25 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.32.55 PM.png


It’s September and I’m FINALLY setting in after a crazy two months. I’m sure you know how hectic things have been between marriage and moving, and fashion week all together. I’m so happy to finally have found the time to put out this post that I’ve been wanting to for quite some time. Hiring an intern!

Together, we’ll be able to produce amazing content on a range of platforms beyond the level I’ve been able to operate on my own. We will meet multiple times a week, and also have the flexibility to work from home. I’ve listed below all the requirements, preferences and in betweens of this position. Please have a careful read at the below, and fill out the application form at the bottom of this page. I’m greatly appreciative of every applicant, and I hope to meet all of you in the area at some point in the future!

Application deadline: Sunday September 30th, 2018

Position: starting per hour, paid

Location: New Jersey / NY vicinity ( NJ Transit stops in my area)

Preferences (but not necessary):

College student or post-graduate-- in business, communications, fine arts, or other creative fields

  • Available 2-3 times / week during the day

  • Well-rounded social media understanding of Youtube, Instagram, & Pinterest

  • Great communicator, writer and strategist

  • Interest in photography and videography with basic editing skills

  • Creative, hard working, punctual, and overall fun to be around

  • You will become my close friend!


  • Paid position per hour, negotiable

  • Able to work from home / online at times

  • Experience in growing a business

  • Plenty of beauty + fashion goodies!

  • Event attendance

  • Future travel

Let me know how your skills can benefit the @summeralbarcha brand! I will discuss the possible tasks in person with selected applicant(s). Don’t shy to send a follow up email if you’re interested and haven’t heard back yet!

Please share relevant information only— no need to share about past work that doesn’t have to do with media / business / fashion.

Name *


Thank you for submitting your questions on my latest Instagram post! I've answered my top ones here. Enjoy!


For my look, I really try to do a simple loose wrap with the scarf folded in half so that the trim on the face is more thick, and less stuck to my face.

Fave materials: modal, viscose, cotton

Fave scarf companies: Vela Scarves, Culture Hijab, Austere Attire

For outfits and hijab suggestions, here are some of my favorite scarf-outfit formulas!

1. Gradual color lightening: for example, if I'm wearing a hot pink sweater, I'll pair it with a lighter shade pink scarf, that way it's a smooth shift between shades.

2. Match with shoes: this is an easy way to make your look feel put together from head to toe. For example, if I'm wearing a white scarf, I'll pair it with white sneakers, and same goes for a gray scarf with silver loafers, etc.


So, although you don't see me in a bunch of necklaces and bracelets, I always have on a statement watch that matches the hardware in my outfit. I love to wear a bag that brings a pop of color, as well as sunglasses (if you haven't noticed by now!). I feel that my scarf is an accessory in itself, and so I'm technically always accessorized. Some suggestions I'd say is to stack on the gold / silver hardware bracelets!

3. AGE?

twenty two!


I'm ALWAYS on the look out for these as well! I've linked some of my faves here under $250. Hope it helps! : )

Terani Navy Peplum Gown

Tadashi Bell Sleeve Gown

Cachet Silver Gown

JS Collections Gown

Terani Beige Gown

Camille's Long Sleeve Rose Gold Gown


Yes! We used to always go and spend three months of our summer vacation in Damascus as children, visiting family, taking Arabic classes, and pretty much having an amazing childhood in the Middle East. I'd always come back to the USA forgetting English on my first day of school from how long we spent in Syria. The last time I visited was in 2009 before the war.  


I'm so grateful to receive plenty of things in the mail from some amazing brands I work with, so I've actually HARDLY shopped in the past few years. The main stores I do like though are H&M, Zara, Express, Topshop, Boohoo, ASOS, The Frankie Shop, Storets, and Uniqlo!


I'd totally suggest sticking to lightweight long sleeve cardigans over tanks or rompers. I love wearing culottes, and other forms of wide leg, breezy pants over high low tops. I'm also into maxi skirts and a fitted thin blouse on top. There's so many stylish ways to stay cool in the summer and mainly think about the light weight colors and fabrics (white, white, white!).


I might be moving to a new city with my soon to be husband after the wedding--- stay on the lookout on Instagram for announcements! As for post-marriage plans, I'll stay doing what I always do, sharing content and style tips for you all, and iA onto bigger plans! I'd eventually love to return to Saint Louis, and we plan to make it work in the future.


I LOVE my pieces from Athleta-- they always have modest tunics to pair with leggings. Another brand I recently discovered is Bella Hijabs- checkout this tunic!


Business Management with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies.




I'd always suggest bringing along a white long sleeve blouse, and a denim jacket + t shirt. These combinations can always be paired on top of a skirt, whether going for a more elegant look, or relaxed / casual vibe.


I LOVED Town & Country Bridal for wedding gowns. As for evening wear, checkout Artizta Bridal in Arnold!!!


I've never really googled a pose before. I kind of do it instantly, and try to make sure there's always movement in the image, whether it be placing my hand against the wall, or grabbing something in my bag--- just trying to keep it entertaining!


To me, modesty really represents one's inner virtues, such as humility, simplicity, and overall purity of the heart.


Well, based off on the amount of Buzzfeed quizzes I've completed by now, I'd call myself an extrovert, who's more on the relaxed side of things, but always down for spontaneous adventures!




Totally! Personally, I love being Syrian and would want my children to grow up and have the same cultural values as I did, so being Syrian was a bonus for me in a spouse!


iPhone 8s! And Nikon D3200 sometimes (but upgrading ASAP).


I'd suggest always wearing something high-low, that way its not creating a strict barrier between the colors. Checkout this outfit for an example!

Thanks so much for reading along girls and I'll be sure to do these more often!

Much love,

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.14.44 PM.png


I'm always down for incorporating more color into my everyday looks, and today I'm sharing the key to making your look stand out. Whether you're wearing all black, or all denim, the main color pop comes down to the purse! You don't always have to stress the outfit part, because you know your bag will do just the trick.You'll even find that a brightly colored or printed purse will influence your style choices to create new outfits you haven't thought of before!  

I've been meaning to share my purse collection with you all (which I will very soon!), but in the meantime, here are links to my top colorful bags for this season.  Best of all, they are all under $500, and make for great investment pieces to your wardrobe! Let me know your favorites, and I'll definitely be styling some of these bags from Shop Bop in my upcoming Instagram posts as inspiration for your shopping! 

Much love,

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.14.44 PM.png


Happy Friday! As you've probably seen from my Instagram, I've been loving side striped pants lately. They're comfortable, sporty, and still have an element of sophistication to them. Today, I'm sharing five ways to style them for your everyday looks. Let me know your favorite! 

BEIGE LAYERS: For this look, I paired a colored stripe pant with an all neutral top and jacket. I'd suggest finding one of these inner fur, suede jackets for the winter! This one was from Forever 21 a few years back. I also paired a simple high low cream sweater underneath, so the outfit could do with or without the jacket. The simple formula for this look is to pair the bright red stripe in the pant with a high low sweater & suede fluffy jacket. 

WHITE ACCESSORIES: For this look, I took a white button down and topped it with a leather jacket to give a sportier, edgier vibe. Because the stripe is white in the pants, I'd suggest pairing it with matching white accessories like in the shoes and handbag, to neutralize the bright red. 

MATCHY-MATCHY: For this look, I took the navy and white stripes, and matched it with a similar printed high-low shirt. I then contrasted the shoes and bag with white accessories to match the white in the stripe, similar to the above look. 

THROW A COAT ON IT: Pair your trousers with a white button down & long neutral colored coat. I added the pop of color in the shoe, since the outfit was toned down. This is an easy go-to combination for any color trousers: long coat + white button down! 

MATCHING DENIM: Lastly, pair your look with a denim jacket! I'm wearing a matching long pink sweater underneath, to make the focus all on the jacket and its pearl details. I'd make sure that the denim jacket and sweater are proportionally similar, that way one doesn't stand out more than the other. If your pants have a red stripe or white stripe, then try pairing it with a matching colored jacket if you own one! 

Overall, I hope these tips were helpful in planning out your next striped pant look. Let me know your future suggestions below!

Much love,

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.14.44 PM.png


I recently got back from a quick trip to Toronto & Niagara Falls, and I thought I'd share a few of my tips to pack lightly while traveling. Whenever I'm traveling, I always try to pack as minimal as possible for my 3-4 day stays (these photos were taken in Miami!). I packed one carry on for four days worth of outfits this time to Canada (with multiple layers too!). If you have any upcoming trips that you don't want to overpack for, consider these tips! I know I have a few upcoming travels where I won't be able to overpack at all, so I definitely appreciate any tips in the comments below! 

1. Minimal makeup pouch. Am I really going to wear that bold lip I've never tried before? Do I really need to bring the entire palette of eyeshadow? Will I be using every shade in the contour palette? Instead of bringing unnecessary shades and tones, I packed a small brush/bronzer compact that I also used as a gorgeous bronze/pink eyeshadow. For eyebrows, I brought a tiny brown eyeshadow compact which I used for lining my brows, eyes and eyelids. Definitely felt more minimal, but it was all I needed and use on a daily basis! 

2. Shoes. Wear sneakers, and pack one pair of loafers and one of sandals (or another shoe of your choice). Both can be dressed up or down, but when packing a carry on, you can't afford the bulky space of shoes. I brought my silver loafers and gray suede sneakers, while wearing white sneakers throughout the trip. All three pairs were white and gray toned, matching with everything I brought. 

3. Layers. My most convenient layering piece on this trip was a denim jacket. I wore it over a tshirt on one day, and over a button down striped shirt on another. I think the outfits were distinguishable enough, while still recycling the same pieces! 

4.  Purses. When packing purses, I make sure to fill them with items like under clothing, accessories, that way they are not taking up unnecessary space (and also don't get compressed in the bag). On this trip, I wore my white Prada Saffiano bag, while packing two more smaller purses in my carry on, filled with various items like sunglasses, watches, etc. 

5. Scarves. If you wear a head scarf, then you probably find yourself packing an entire rainbow collection of scarves JUST in case you need the exact tone to match an outfit to. On this trip, I saved myself the giant 10 pack of scarves, and believe it or not, only packed THREE. One light gray, one darker gray, and one mauve. It was all I needed! 

It felt great to come back and find that I had used everything I packed, and nothing was unnecessarily taking up space. My biggest suggestion would be to preplan outfits before leaving, that way you only bring what you are using! 

Have any light packing tips? Let me know below in the comments! 

Much love,


Hi loves! Today, I'm sharing my top 7 handbag trends for the summer. If you're like me and always hitting the "save" button on those gorgeous Instagrammed handbag street style looks, then read below on some of my favorite trends + shoppable links! 

1. PRINTS. I mean, who doesn't love the Gucci Dionysus print?? It's everywhere! I'm definitely a fan, and hoping the trend will stay for a while. Prints are so perfect for those plain outfit days, and also a mix print, colorful look. I'm always inspired by a colorful printed bag for an outfit, and I think it helps with putting together the right color toned look. 

2. WORDS. I'd be careful with this one since you wouldn't want to come off as too cheesy, but I think the words trends on clothing is so good, and it adds a lot of drama to your handbag or clutch. 

3. STRAW BAGS. I'm loving this trend for the summer time because it adds such a relaxed, laid back vibe to any look since they've traditionally been just for the beach. I styled a bunch of straw bags on my trip to Cuba, and they fit SO much inside! You can find a bunch on Etsy, if not in everyday stores. 

4. CLASSICS. These, I believe are acceptable to splurge on. I have 3 designer handbags I've purchased over the past few years in the shades brown, black and white, and I made sure to only pick designs that are really timeless in their style (...craving a red bag soon!?). These are the three I own, along with more fave picks! As I mentioned before, I tend to shop classic designer bags through Rue La La (where I often find them for half off the price after their initial season). I purchased my white Prada Soffiano bag through there! Click HERE to join Rue La La for free. 

5. MINI SIZE. Two words- TOO CUTESY. While they don't cooperate much with the functionality part, they're perfect for those days where you just need a card, ID, phone and lipstick in your bag. I wouldn't suggest splurging too much on these, since they're so small and not as functional for everyday, but they're still super classy for everyday outtings and fancy events!

6. ROUND. I'm loving this fresh twist on the classic rectangular shaped handbag. It adds such a fun, unique, and sophisticated vibe to your look, since it makes it look like you went out of your way to find this specific trend bag. 

7. COLOR.  I tend to focus the pop of color in my outfits through handbags, so I'm all about this trend since. You can't go wrong splurging a little here, since unique colored bags will always be useful (and come back again!). Some of my favorites this season are mint, velvet purple, bright orange, and more. 

Much love,


What I love most about this trend is that it's so easy & convenient to put together a look by matching with the colors in the tee. For example, I'm wearing a tee with bright orange, yellows, blues, and more so I chose one bright color to focus on: the orange. I paired it with cream culottes, a gray scarf, a black bag, and black shoes ( all toned down), then brought the look out with a bright orange blazer & sunnies. I always keep this formula when pairing bright tees with other pieces. Try the formula!

1. Pick one bright color to focus on. 

2. Make a 2:1 ratio of neutrals to bright pieces. 

Of course, feel free to mix it up as well!

Shop my top picks:  


Ramadan kareem! I hope you all are having a loved & blessed holy month with your friends and family. Today marks the day my fiancé Hamza and I were officially engaged last year! If you didn't catch the engagement blog post then, you can check it out here. We'll be planning our wedding soon inshallah (after I graduate!). :) 

I felt like so graceful that day in my Rosa Clara evening gown, and thought I'd share a round up of evening wear ideas for you ladies! From long sleeve evening wear, to matching skirts and tops, there's loads of options to choose from when facing wedding season in the coming summer months. Here you go! 




If you have any recommendations on modest evening wear, feel free to comment below! 

Much love,


I recently received a request to share a post on how to style wide leg pants, and I totally understand how it can be tricky to wear them without losing your shape or getting lost in the width of the pants. I'm sure we all get tired of wearing denim every other day, so it's always nice to change it up a bit with a crazy (...or a casual) pair of pants. Today, I rounded up eight different ways I wear wide leg trousers!

1. Tuck in a high-low shirt. Try finding tops that have a high slit on the sides so that its easy to tuck in the front while letting the back hang out cooly. I'm always finding great bell sleeve tops like this at Zara!

2. Pair an oversized denim jacket over. Pretty much my entire Dubai wardrobe consisted of wide legs with a denim jacket, since I love how it balances out what might be fancy into something super laid back. You can easily find these at Express or Forever 21

3. Pair a tee + blazer. This is a great way to add pops of color to your look. All you have to do is find a tee that speaks for itself, and tuck it in in order to define a waist. This is also a great way to contrast fancy with laid back.  

4. Wear a tunic with a belt. This might sometimes be tricky to pull off, but make sure the belt is at the correct spot in your waist, and the tunic's length should be quite above your thigh. I've found some awesome gingham printed tunics at Storets!

5. Wear one color to pull off a jumpsuit appearance. Try wearing white trousers and a white crop top, that way the focus is on the piece you choose to pair over it such as a kimono. 

6. Tie a knot in the front of your shirt to define a waist. This always works when i'm not wanting to tuck in my shirt since it might show through my pants. 

7. Pair a slip dress + bell sleeves over culottes with slides for a relaxed look. 

8. And lastly, forget the waist line and just wear a mid length blouse over and let it flow!

I've attached a few of my top wide leg trouser picks below!

Let me know your tips for wearing wide leg pants & show me how you style them! 

Much love,




Happy Saturday ladies! As I posted on Instagram earlier this week, I really wanted to know your questions. Whether it be blogging or fashion tips, I'm excited to be of any help! So, here are the answers to some of your asked questions! 

1. Are you in college?


2. How did you start out as a fashion blogger? 

My friend first introduced me to Instagram at our high school lunch table. I sat there, browsing through the app, and said to myself, "let's see if there's anything under #modestfashion". To my surprise, I found an amazing world of style & trends that I had never seen in fashion magazines or billboards growing up. I felt so inspired in that moment, and the next day, I gathered my friends together to shoot the first outfits of what would become this page to inspire others in my community. 

3. How are you able to travel so much?

I planned my university schedule to only be twice a week, meaning I have 5 days off a week! 

4. How far in advance do you plan your outfits?

It depends. When an outfit idea comes to mind, I write it down in my notes. Then, when I'm getting ready for an event or shoot, I can remember the outfit combinations I listed. So, I sort of plan them!

5. What do you do for a living?

Currently, I'm a full time student, and blogging is my full time job. 

6. What is your advice to start a blog?

I would say to take baby steps and to never feel disappointed when something doesn't work out initially. In no time, you'll find yourself where you want to be compared to where you were if you continue to put effort. 

7. How do you wrap your scarf?

I wear a head band cap underneath with a simple hair bun. Then, I fold the scarf 1/4 the way if it's too wide and wrap it around my head one time. And, I don't like to show my under-cap, since I think it keeps the scarf style simpler. 

8. Are you in need of blogger interns?

Yes--will be hiring soon! 

9. What did you study? 

I'm currently studying Business Management with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies.

10.  During the initial stages of Hipster Hijabis, it was a group of girls. When and why did you decide to make it solo? 

When I first began the page, it was mainly a summer-time hobby. After we all went back to high-school that August, it became difficult for us group of ten girls to meet often to shoot. That's when they told me to take care of the page since I was most interested in keeping up with it. We are all still close friends! 

11. What are your tips to finding modest clothes at department stores?

Focus on finding pieces that are already modest to begin with and don't require too much effort to be made into an outfit. For example, a long sleeve blouse with sleeve detail would be easier to style at a basic level rather than a short sleeve blouse that would be paired with a jacket (that might disrupt the initial trend of the shirt). I'd also suggest layering pieces all the time, such as having a white button down to pair under shorter sweaters. 

12. If you could go back to the initial stages of when you started this account, what advice would you give yourself knowing what you know now?

I would tell myself to be more consistent in keeping up with posts from day one. Other than that, everything happens for a reason! 

13. How can I get modeling opportunities for modest clothes stores or just clothing stores in general?

Now-a-days, it's really essential to build a resume with not only experiences but also a social media resume. By sharing your passions online and growing an audience that has similar tastes, that would only prove more to employers how motivated you are in the field you are going for! For example, if you are a photographer wanting to get a job, it would be highly recommended to have a social platform with your photos as part of your resume. 

14. Can you please do a hijab and make up tutorial?

I would like to! I don't have a YouTube channel, but I will be sharing my makeup routine and scarf tutorial on my blog shortly. 

15. How do you organize your scarves? Fold them or hang them?

Honestly, I'm always looking for inspiration for scarf organization. I have about 50-100 scarves. I always start out by color coordinating them and folding them into several stacks. I've tried the hanging idea, rolling them, pretty much everything. 

16. How do you layer so well? 

You're so sweet! I think it's all about proportioning the pieces with your body proportions.

17. Is there anything new you learned from the fashion weeks you attended? 

One thing I learned is that it is often more enjoyable to be there before & after the show, and to not be disappointed when you don't receive an invitation to all your favorite designers. 

18. Do you enjoy what you are studying in college? 


19.  What made you gain fame?

I wouldn't necessarily say I've gained fame, but I would attribute a lot of my audience growth to sharing content frequently, working with a variety of brands and engaging with their audiences, and press coverage by media outlets. 

20. What's the most inspiring town you've been to?

This is going to sound so basic- but Los Angeles really caught my eye when I was there last summer! All the cali-vibes you see on IG- they're real! Besides L.A, as a kid, I grew up visiting Damascus, Syria every other summer for three months at a time, and it really taught me to appreciate the beauty of such a historical and radiant city. 

21. How do you organize your clothes at home ? 

I have about 3 closets (kind of crazy). Everything is separated based on category. For example, I have long coats in a section, short jackets, blazers, trousers, denim, sweaters...etc.  I'm always looking for more inspiration for closet organization though. 

22.  How long have you been blogging for?!

Almost 5 years. 

23. How old are u ?

21 years old. 

24.  Are you married ?


25. Where are you from?

My family is originally Syrian, born in the USA. 

26. Where do u live?

Saint Louis. 

27. What are some of your blogging projects?

My biggest project to date has been with L'Oreal Paris on a worldwide campaign launching THIS spring. 

28. How do the ideas come when writing an article on your blog?

Whenever an idea comes to mind, I write it down in my notes and go over it when I'm planning a blog post to share for the week. 

29. Are you ever gonna do a meet and greet in Dubai?

I would love to come to Dubai soon, and do a hang out session!

30. For the beginners in the blogging world, what do you advise them? 

I would say to focus on what you would really want to read about and see. Fill the gap that is missing in the industry you are blogging about, and stick with your unique aspect. 

31. What do you do financially to be able to create the content that you do for your blog? 

Creating content essentially requires a camera, whether it be an iPhone or collaborating with a photographer. I don't think that creating content is the most financially burdensome part of blogging. With a free website, blogging is technically expense-less! 

32.  I'd love to know your brand grew! Tips would be great! 

I think by staying consistent with your post frequency, style and overall theme, its easy to maintain an audience and build a brand for yourself. Definitely plan and shoot posts ahead of time, and share throughout your busy week! Anyone can make time if they really put their effort into it. I'll do a full post on this in the future!

33. Is there anyone who inspires the way you dress?

I tend to dress in a variety of styles, but it mostly goes around the theme of layering and every-day wearable. For top blogger inspirations, I've really been loving the following accounts recently:




34. Who takes most of your pics?

Sometimes professional photographers, sometimes my sisters or friends, and sometimes myself with a mirror.

35. Please give tips for wearing the hijab. 

Personally, I've never seen my scarf and way of dressing as a barrier to my interests or activities. I've always tried to intertwine both. By sharing different modest looks online, I hope to share some of this personal confidence with others who may be struggling to fit in or be stylish while also being modest. 

36. What inspired you to become a fashion blogger?

I grew up styling outfits for friends and family- whether it be giving advice on shopping trips, or organizing closets together, I always felt that allowing women to feel enthusiastic about their appearance would allow their confidence to shine through to others. On IG, I began to share images and tips for styling modest outfits in a time that it was difficult to find ready-made pieces in stores. 

37. How do you shoot/edit your images?

I like using the app Facetune and IG filters mostly. I shoot with a range of photographer cameras or iPhone. 

37. who are your biggest inspiration? 

Chiara Ferragni is one of my biggest inspirations in the industry. If you read about her blogging journey to launching her shoe collection, she has so many amazing accomplishments. 

38. what kind of ootd is your fav?

Long coat, white button down, sweater on top, black skinny jeans, white sneakers, black bag and a neutral scarf. I love having a pop of color in the shoes, sunnies or bag!

Much love, 


Happy December loves! To all you college kids out there, can you believe it's already towards the end of the semester!? With winter transitioning around the corner, I often find myself wearing the same black skinny jeans + tall boots to bare through the cold. Today, I'm sharing 6 ways to style a midi skirt for the winter for a change! 

Look #1. A LONG COAT. 

For this look, I paired a fitted midi skirt from H&M with black tights, booties, my fave Storets bell sleeve sweater and a gray duster Inayah coat to top it off. I love how the coat adds variety to the different cuts and pieces in the outfit. 


Here, I paired a cropped fringe sweater from Cosette Clothing, along an Adara maxi skirt that I raised higher to turn into a midi skirt! Because the skirt is metallic gold and green, it's great to pair it with a contrasting beige subtle sweater. The cropped sweater adds more height to your look! 

Look #3. BELT-IT. 

Here, I'm wearing a sporty sweater from Zara with a gray pleated Uniqlo skirt. To add more definition to your outfit, add a black belt to your waist with a fitted sweater. I love how it breaks the contrast between the bright red sweater and neutral gray skirt. This outfit was SUPER comfortable as well. 

Look #4. A FUR GILET

For this look, I paired an a-line tweed skirt from Banana Republic with a tight dark gray Topshop sweater and a fur gilet. I love how the fur adds warmth and contrast to the plain grays in the look. It also adds elements from the beige scarf and bag.  

Look #5. A CO-ORD TOP

Last Spring at NYFW, I wore this awesome co-ord set from ASOS! The tunic sweater and midi skirt are great, versatile pieces to have on their own, as well as paired together. When you're out of outfit ideas, a co-ord is already put to match together. Here are some similar looks below!


Lastly, when out of ideas, pair a skirt with some plain white sneakers, a fitted sweater and a fun bag for a casual, sporty, yet unique look for the day. It'll look super effortless! 

Let me know what your styling tips for midi skirts are this season! I shared some of my fave midi skirts below. Happy shopping and have a great week! 

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As the holiday season approaches, many of us will be traveling this November & December, whether it be for work, vacation, or visiting friends and family! Today, I'm sharing 5 packing tips that I have found to be useful when putting together a versatile wardrobe for a quick weekend get-away.

Before beginning on the tips, it's obvious you will need at least a suitcase! Lately, I've been traveling with my AWAY carry on and large suitcase. I recently got back from a trip to St. George's, Grenada, and I brought both of these luggage pieces with me. Not only were they durable throughout the multiple flights, but the amount of space inside the super light-weight, quality luggage is just amazing. I love how modern and chic the suitcases are. I definitely would recommend heading to their site here and browsing their various size and color collections ( I have both suitcases in navy, the carry on and the large), as well as browsing their Instagram @away for beautiful travel inspiration!

NOW, let's begin on the tips!

1. Always pack layers. 

It's quite obvious now that I love to layer, and that's especially important when traveling in the winter and wanting to create a chic, warm outfit! For example, I would suggest packing a pull-over sweater with a white button down under, and a leather jacket to top it off. This way, the 3 layers are easily removable, but also useful for mix and matching other outfits!

2. Pack these 3 shoes: Booties. Flats. Loafers. 

 To me, these three shoe styles make up a combination of comfort, elegance and style. You'll have the perfect shoe for the pop-up occasion that could occur while traveling (such as a surprise dinner outing). The black flats give you flexibility with pretty much any outfit (if you end up purchasing pieces you'd like to style while traveling). The silver loafers allow for comfort, and also a metallic pop of color with a plain outfit. The maroon booties are flexible for a dressed-up or dressed-down outfit on the go! You'll definitely end up wearing all three, and who doesn't love the awesome feeling of having not over-packed! 

3. Pack this color handbag: maroon. 

For this wardrobe example, I styled everything around a maroon bag. You're definitely welcome to choose the color of your choice, but I love having a pop of color in my accessories while keeping outfits more neutral for travels (since it's more flexible). As featured above, I'm able to pair the maroon handbag with a gray tweed coat & sweater, a black leather jacket & sweater, and a long camel coat & matching maroon turtleneck. All three outfits could easily match a pop of maroon, while each still maintaining a different style and color palette. If you're wanting to limit the over-packing, try taking one handbag to match everything (....and maybe a black purse for back-up). 

4. Pack a variety of pants. 

While I try to limit on overpacking, I really do think it is important to have a variety of pants, such as blue denim, leather black pants and wide leg culottes. You could pull off the same gray sweater with each, but it would be a totally different outfit because the pants really do make all the difference (and change of shoes)! 

5. *If you have a pop-up rack, I'd highly suggest setting it up to lay out possible outfit combinations! I ALWAYS use mine that I purchased from Target for planning travel looks, and pretty much everyday #ootds. If you're traveling to a destination for long term and may have limited closet space, I'd even take apart the rods of the pop-up rack and pack it in the suitcase, along with light-weight plastic hangers, that way your wardrobe can be easily organized and manageable while abroad. 

I hope you enjoyed these simple packing tips! Let me know what your travel outfit making recommendations are below. Have a great holiday weekend and safe travels!

Instagram: @away

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Hi loves! Recently, I've been enjoying adding more color to my wardrobe, and metallics are the perfect transition between neutrals and color/print because they give you that detailed look you might be going for without the crazy statement of colors. I listed my top 5 shiny picks for the season! Let me know what are your favorites and how you style these trends!

#1. Pleated Palazzos

The switch from skinny jean love to palazzo pant love is real. These are perfect to pair with a graphic tee & a men's oversized blazer or a half tucked oversized sweater and belt (to still have some definition at the waist and not get lost in your clothes!).  

                        Oscar De La Renta, Resort 2013 

                        Oscar De La Renta, Resort 2013 

#2. TOPS. 

Tuck it in with wide legs or a maxi skirt and belt it. Pair it with a leather jacket and a white button down underneath. Let me know how you style them! 

#3. SHOES.

From pointy block heels to open toe-mules to loafers, I'm all about the statement shoe. Metallics like silver and gold loafers surprisingly match EVERYTHING. I recently splurged on silver Gucci loafers with gold hardware, and they're wearable with EVERY OUTFIT. Pretty exciting stuff for those "ahh none of these shoes work--- I'm not going anymore!" days.  

#4. Arm candy.

As you may have noticed, I am almost ALWAYS wearing my gold Marc by Marc Jacob's watch. I've had it for a few years and it's been a great piece to pair with pretty much anything because it has both gold and silver tones. When I'm heading to school in a plain white tee and jeans, adding the watch makes me feel just a tad-bit more put-together. 

                                                             Gucci, 2016 Campaign

                                                             Gucci, 2016 Campaign

#5. BAGS.

From gold and silver metalwork details to full on metallic bags, I'm all in for this trend. Here are a mix of some of my fave luxury & affordable picks for Fall 2016!   




Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 9.29.30 PM.png

Hi loves! As NYFW is approaching, I figured I'd re-cap on some tips I've learned throughout the years for attending fashion weeks worldwide. It occurs twice a year- in February, showcasing Fall/Winter styles for the incoming year and in September, showcasing Spring/Summer styles for the following year. Let's begin!

Tip #1.  Begin the process by familiarizing yourself with the designers on the schedule. Whether it be reading about them in magazines, or following them on social media, begin interacting with the brand. Every season, schedules are uploaded to Modemonline or NYFW's site just a few weeks in advance.  

Tip #2. Apply to ALL shows. Give it a shot! There are 100s of shows occurring throughout the small period of fashion week, so it is impossible to actually attend them all. 

Tip #3. In your application, send an email to the PR company handling the runway show or presentation that season, describing yourself, your work and your reasoning for being in the audience (almost like a mini-resume!). It is all about purpose. Why is it vital to be in the audience? What can you contribute to the brand image? PR companies and brands invite celebrities, editors, reporters, photographers and more recently, bloggers, in the seek of publicity. 

Tip #4. Timing is everything. The general time limit to begin contacting PR companies is within 2-3 weeks of the show. 

Tip #5. Find a news source or magazine (even local ones) to host you to cover the shows! This will encourage PR connections and provide a professional boost to your application. 

Tip #6. Talk to friends on the same path! It is all about who you know. Perhaps your friend has a connection with a designer or a news source you were unfamiliar with. 

Tip #7. If you find yourself unable to attend your favorite NYFW shows, there are PLENTY of other fun events, parties and photo shoots happening all around town that same week. Speak live on a news-broadcast outside the show. Get your outfit spotted by paparazzi. Sample makeup on camera for a brand outside the event. Mingle with people around you.  

Tip #8. Even if you don't get into your priority shows, you might just fall in love with a new brand and build amazing connections with them. Take the opportunity to mingle with new brands, share curated and impressive content about your experience, and it might just serve as a steady basis in your next fashion week email application. 

Did you find these tips helpful? Let me know what you'd like to hear more on!

Much love,




Hi loves! I'm so glad that Summer is FINALLY here. While for many it means lessening up on the layers, there are so many ways to keep it cool, covered and classy this season! 

#1. Embroidery. I have always been a fan of embroidery and now we're starting to see it on cardigans, tunics and even bags (the trend reminds me of the souks in Syria from my childhood visits). 

#2. Tassels! Along with the embroidered embellishments, tassels are super cute for adding an extra detail to a plain top or scarf. I especially think it's beautiful on spring scarves if you don't like to wear many prints. Here are some of my top tasseled picks.

                                        Tassel scarf & fringe tunic 

                                        Tassel scarf & fringe tunic 

#3. Strap sandals & espadrilles. I love how these add an effortless vibe to any outfit. They're also SUPER comfortable and versatile. 

#4. Silver & turquoise jewelry.  Quite charming to wear with plain tunics (you know me and my plain tunics). 

      Turquoise scarf & silver coin necklace 

      Turquoise scarf & silver coin necklace 

#5. Co-ords. I'm loving these matching pant & blazer co-ords here. A-line skirts + matching crop tops with a bomber jacket are super trendy this season for a feminine yet street-style look. 

#6. Flared denim. I'm actually really thrilled this trend is back. It's so comfortable to wear with a tunic or a blazer. 

#7. A bright bag. I really love saving the extra POP for the accessories. I focus more on having mix-and-matchable clothing pieces, keeping the accessories as the statement pieces. I'm especially loving orange (don't know why!) but let me know what color you're into! 

#8. Round sunnies. Oversized sunglasses add so much detail to a plain outfit. 

#9. All white suit. Whether it be pairing wide leg pants & a vest, or crepe trousers and a blazer, an all white look is a classic.

#10. Jumpsuits. Talk about effortless. A jumpsuit requires minimal work to put together an easy outfit. Definitely pairable with an oversized cardigan or blazer. 

Shop here:

Have a summer trend I missed? Let me know in the comments! 



Hi ladies! Today, I put together a few tips on how to appear classy and elegant while keeping a budget! I love having a versatile wardrobe with pieces that will last throughout the years. Let me know if these tips were helpful and what your style tips are! 

1. Trench coats, winter coats, aka my obsession. I always find myself picking out a long coat & satchel bag when putting together an outfit on-the-go. I feel that it gives off a put-together vibe, while looking effortless at the same time. I watch too many detective shows, so that's probably where the inspo came from! 

2. Add your own embellishments! For NYFW, I glued a trim of feathers onto this plain sweater from H&M and took this $10 sweatshirt to $300 (at least that's how I felt)! Same goes for buttons on tops. Look too plastic-y? Make a button upgrade! 

3. Here's an easy one. Make sure your clothes are ironed! Wrinkles can make anything look cheap or worn out. 

4. If I could wear wide leg pants with every outfit, I wouldn't hesitate. This style is not only modest, but super elegant (especially when they fit well and look tailored). 

5. Winter time= bring out the faux fur! I'm loving the fur scarf, vest, key chain trends this season. I think it makes anyone look cozy & cheery. Here, I added a pom-pom key chain for a pop of color & texture. 

6. Faux (or real) leather. I love these faux-leather pants I found at Zara last year. Rather than wearing plain old black skinny jeans, faux leather gives an additional texture to an outfit, allowing you to pull off a more minimalistic top (since all the detail is in the pants)! I also suggest carrying around a black leather jacket for an added texture to your look. A leather jacket works with anything. Also, faux leather gloves for the cold! The more textures, the merrier!

7. It's all in the final touches of the bag. Here are my favorite bags for this season within the hundreds range (that look high-end to me!) 

8. Wait, shoes too. Wearing solid colored pointy pumps, suede booties or even some effortless sneakers can always add a little lux to your look. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.02.12 AM.png

9. Lastly, the details. If the piece is priced inexpensively, often the gold and silver detailing will look fake or extra cheap. I suggest finding pieces with rose gold or dark gray detailing in the zippers, chains, jewels...etc. because those tones seem to look consistent regardless of the items pricing!