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It’s finally winter in NYC, and I’m all about the bright colors this season! Who says the cold has to be drabby? I’m invited to a few holiday parties and social events this year, and it can sometimes be a burden to make an outfit thats stylish enough while also staying and warm and colorful. Now that I live near nyc, I think this holiday season will be the most fun yet! People tend to dress up WAY more than the Midwest around here (of course!), so I’ve recently been browsing the BCBGeneration dresses at Macy’s and all I can say is that they are sure to meet all of your holiday party needs! I’m wearing the “Printed Tie Neck Dress” by BCBGeneration, which has these gorgeous red and pink tones prints all over. The dress is currently sold out, but I’m also loving this dress! I topped it off with a fur vest for warmth, and black booties to add an elevated element tto the look. They have so many more shift dresses that you can pair with sparkly tight or leather pants, and create such an upscale look for all of your holiday occasions.


























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The holidays are just around the corner and I’m so excited, as its my first time living near NYC. As you all know my love for layering, one of my favorite looks this season has been pairing colorful coats with an all cream base underneath. I’m always looking for inspiration around me for color waves, and for this outfit, I was inspired by the tones in my new UGG Adirondack III Boots at Zappos.

UGG has always defined their style as relaxed yet fashion forward, and this definitely resonates with my personal style. It’s quite undefined, but its always about being able to match a street style look on top with a relaxed, stylish element on bottom or vice versa. I’m wearing the UGG Coquette slippers in the color bodacious with an all-cream outfit.

I’ve been browsing Zappos lately for a lot of my shoe finds, considering the wide range of styles and super easy shipping. I love being able to watch a video that shows the shoe exactly, and really help shape my decision before purchasing Be sure to check out Zappos to make your winter fashion shopping easier this season!

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I hope you’re all having a lovely fall (almost winter today!). I know I’ve been living in the nyc area for quite some time now, and I wanted to take the time to share how the changes have been for me, how it’s affected my blog work, and everything in between!

First off, I absolutely love living in the northeast! I knew it would be a major change from my midwest hometown, but I’ve found it to be accelerating my work and efficiency in running my full time blog. It makes me happy that I can be an entrepreneur with a number of resources around me. I’ve also become so inspired by living near a big city with a melting pot culture, and have even noticed my style to be evolving into something edgier than my usual taste, which is awesome because its opening so many new ideas for me! How have you been liking the change?

One of the biggest advantages of this area is being near NYC. While many may dub it as inconvenient, it doesn’t have to be. As you know, I have two interns who work on the logistics of getting all this content and inspiration out for you guys! When I’m planning a day in the city, I’m relying on Uber and picking up one of my interns who is available on that day, Madelyn or Rahma, taking them around town with me as support! Through Uber, I’m able to schedule rides throughout the day in advance— just hit 'Request for a Guest', to bring them along with you on your adventures! Having a driver readily available definitely enhances my work life. A big part of our day is not only spent brainstorming, but really jumping around from location to location, whether it be events, meetings, shoots and more. A lot of the content you see on IG comes from hours of planning and executing, including meeting with the press relations of various brands to collaborate on these visions (all made possible with living near NY!). Uber’s accessibility is helping me schedule a busy day, yet be efficient in meeting my end goals.

Overall, I can’t wait for the coming months with tons of future projects coming at you! Thank you for always being supportive at every step of the way!

Much love

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Winter holidays are around the corner, and I want to hep you feel and look your best! I’m so excited for the cold weather, because I get to play around with all the trends this year while layering as much as I want (haha!). One of my absolute favorite looks has been midi skirts with tall boots. Here are the three ways I’m styling them this season!  

First off, I know many of you always ask me WHERE I’m able to find all these midi skirts in store! Truth revealed is, I use ShopStyle, which is an amazing shopping platform that allows you to search for an exact item and browse all the stores that sell it. You can refine your search to “midi skirt", and then add, “black”, then add your size, and so many more tools that ease the shopping experience. You can even shop by look, trend, or occasion. Best part is, I’ve linked so many of my own looks through their platform, so that way you can own exactly what I’m wearing!

unnamed jjj.jpg



Holidays are all about family, so it’s always best to feel cozy and comfortable when dressing for these occasions! I’m pairing an oversized knit with a classic printed midi skirt along with brown simple boots to pull off a comfy, yet fashion forward look. I’d totally wear this to Thanksgiving dinner (especially when you’re seeing family after such a long time!).



9-5 CHIC


With the holidays around the corner come all the holiday parties, work events, and many more sophisticated outtings with colleagues. I’m pairing a printed pencil skirt ($17!) with a mix matched coat to add a chic element to what would typically be work-wear. This is such an easy hack when pairing any midi skirt with a coat this season. I topped it off with these boots which I got for a super good deal, and am wearing all season!




Holidays aside. this season is the best time to go out on those chilly winter nights with all the lights! i’m heading back to my hometown for the holidays and catching up with all my friends at parties. This look consists of a simple black saint skirt, which is SO versatile this season, paired with a bright green coat (UNDER $100!) and sweater, along with some funky printed boots. This is such a fun look, while also involving simple pieces.


much love,

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Sweater season is my favorite season! I typically love anything cozy and comfy, and its so useful to have a selection of sweaters to style and keep you warm throughout the season.

unnamed (5).jpg
unnamed (6).jpg

If you thought pastels were for spring, think again. Lately, we’re starting to see these form of pastel sweaters on trend.

unnamed (3).jpg
unnamed (4).jpg

What I love most about sweaters are that they are so easy to style— dressed up or down. I paired this sweater with a midi skirt and boots during Milan fashion week.

unnamed (8).jpg
unnamed (7).jpg

This is such an easy outfit combo to make while traveling. You can practically pair cream sweaters with anything you brought!

unnamed (1).jpg

This is one of the most comfortable sweaters I own. I recently paired it with one my midi skirts from my last blog post. Sweaters and midi skirts are a go-to combo for fall!


The last way to style a sweater is to layer it with a leather jacket. This is my favorite way!


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It’s finally October and I’m so excited about this fall weather, as you all know my love for layering. One of my favorite looks this season has been pairing colorful hoodies with blazers. I’m always looking for inspiration around me for color waves, and for this outfit, I was inspired by the tones in my new New Balance X90s by Zappos. New Balance is always on a mission to promote individuality, in their fearlessly independent products, and this resonate with me in my personal style and blog. I’m always eager to push my passion for layering across this platform with you all, as a means of wanting every girl to feel confident when getting ready in the morning, however she may choose to dress. I would never want anyone to feel burdened by their choice of dress, and through this personal style I share with you all, I hope we can make getting through our day a little easier, whether you be a working professional, a mom, a student and more.

We all know that multi-colored sneakers are this season’s must haves, and what better way to rock it then with being comfortable at the same time. I’ve been browsing Zappos lately for a lot of my shoe finds, considering the wide range of styles and super easy shipping. Be sure to check out Zappos to make your fall fashion shopping easier this season!

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Between graduating, getting married and moving, I've hardly had time to take care of some of my personal errands. When it comes to choosing eyeglasses, I've always had a rough time growing up and dealing with eyeglasses (before getting contacts).

Ten years fast forward, I'm so excited to be loving these new eyeglasses from Zenni!  I didn't think I would ever like wearing glasses outside the house, but now I feel like I have a totally new attitude now of sophistication and style. This summer, I'm wearing them out for errands. occasions, and all things in between. I'm absolutely loving the style change up, and completely feel that wearing glasses doesn't mean sacrificing style. I wish I would have worn these as my ten year old self and gained all that confidence! 

The best part is, the Zenni eyeglasses come at a super low price point while maintaining high quality craftmanship and style. For reference, the eyewear styles I'm wearing are #7802821 and #7806321. 

I can't wait to see how you style your fresh new eyewear this summer! 

Much love,

Summer Albarcha


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June is almost over and I'm soaking up all the moments in my hometown this summer before moving away next month post-wedding. Whenever I'm out and about, I always like to wear something comfortable and chic, yet obviously functional. My everyday wardrobe usually consists of joggers and a white button down to beat that summer heat as you normally see on IG! 

For this reason, I'm so excited to share Athleta's new travel + lifestyle collection! It's all about functionality, feminine style and the versatility we as women need for a full day of activities. As I mentioned earlier, I'm wearing their white button down Marinwood Poplin Shirt which is super light and airy for the summer time heat. Alongside, I paired their Metro Track Jogger below which is an extremely comfortable and flexible drawstring pant that matches a variety of wardrobe pieces.  To top it off, I added a green headscarf and black / white accessories to fit the simple yet classic look I was going for. I would totally wear this not only for a day of errands but out with friends, school and more everyday occasions! Also, the top is the perfect length for that modest high-low vibe and can be paired with so much more!

Let me know what you're wearing all summer long to beat this hot weather, and I look forward to sharing more style tips + news soon!

Much love,

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I’m so happy to be joined by my fiance Hamza in today’s blog post! We’ve been dreaming of spring time and warmer weather, and it’s finally that time of year in Saint Louis.

I’ve been on the hunt for a comfortable and trendy pink sneaker for quite some time, and I'm sharing my recent find! You probably know Timberland for their classic boots, but I'm actually wearing their new
 FlyRoam Go sneakers! What distinguishes them from your average sneaker is the luxury detailing in the brown leather trim, while still maintaining an effortless, sporty vibe for an everyday look. I decided to dress them up in this outfit, pairing them with a classic trench coat and army green scarf. To match along, I styled Hamza in the darker gray mens version of the sneaker, along with army green pants and a gray hoodie, for a casual yet sharp look.

These shoes are a staple we’ll definitely be utilizing in our wardrobe! From jogging to running errands to heading out for fun, the sneakers are super functional and cute at the same time.

If you’re looking to revamp your shoe game this spring, you can try out these sneakers for yourself via Zappos! If you haven’t shopped on Zappos before, they carry so many shoe, clothing and accessory brands, with superior customer service and rapid shipping, so it makes it super easy to place orders and returns. The best part is, Zappos feature a demo video for almost every shoe, allowing you to see your product exactly before making a purchase. 

Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see more matching couple style photos for all you couples out there! Enjoy the spring!

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Hi loves! I'm so excited to finally be shifting into spring attire after this long and cold winter. I've teamed up with Banana Republic to show how I style five dresses for the month of March. I've definitely become motivated to wear more dresses & skirts, and I'm so happy to hear all of your positive feedback on the variation in style choices! 

Look #1: I put together an all white, crisp look. You can't ever go wrong with layering in a monochromatic outfit, and I felt it was the right amount of brightness to get us excited for spring! The cropped fray hem denim has the perfect touch of quality and I've been pairing them with so many looks since. 

Pants, Dress & Jacket via Banana Republic

Look #2: For my second outfit, I took a classic staple piece, trench coat, and paired it over a pleated grey dress, with skinny pants under, topped with gingham mules. This brought an elegant while also playful touch to the dress-look, and it goes great for brunch with friends, work meetings, and all things in between!

Coat & pleated dress via Banana Republic


Look #3: I happened to be in gorgeous New Orleans for Spring Break and it was only appropriate to save the floral gown for the beautiful hot weather there. I paired it with pink accessories to tone down the floral print, while also adding more feminine touches to the look. I'm SO going to wear this 24/7 in the summer! 

Dress via Banana Republic 

Look #4:  I took a metallic slip maxi dress, and paired it with a similar toned denim jacket for an edgy yet playful vibe, topped with white embellished sneakers. 

Dress via Banana Republic 

Look #5: Lastly, for the final look of this series, I took a classic blue trench coat and paired it over a matching blue shift dress, along with white cropped denim and tan accessories. I'm just loving this shade of blue! 

Dress, coat and pants
via Banana Republic 

With shifting into a spring wardrobe, it's so refreshing to change up your typical style this time of year. Dresses are definitely a classy and effortless way to switch up the usual skinny jean pairing for all your spring outings, and I suggest you all to try out new color combinations and piece pairings when curating your wardrobe this season. 

To access the pieces, checkout: 


Much love,

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IMG_9804 (1).JPG

Today, I'm sharing my top shaggy coat picks this season! We've seen this trend everywhere-- styled from casual on the go, to luxe at fashion weeks. I'm loving how comfortable and warm this trend is, and most of all, functional. My coat is from Shop Bop via MKT Studio. Below I listed links to a variety of shaggy coats to make your shopping easier in order of descending price, depending on your budget . I'm excited to see how you style it! 

Much love,

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Today, I'm sharing all the festive activities Saint Louis has to offer, while riding with Uber Black! From where to see the best lights, to watching a seasonal performance at our downtown theater, to grabbing hot chocolate and ice skating, I'm highlighting the perfect weekend winter night activities in town. 

One of the barriers to enjoying a fun night out with the rest of the town is dealing with parking!  I decided to park my car at a local garage, and ride with Uber Black to get throughout my multiple destinations for the night.

1.  Steinberg Ice Rink. This has to be one of the most beautiful ice skating rinks in town to view the city skyline, the lights, and enjoy a cozy night out. From the fireplace to the hot chocolate, its a great destination to enjoy with friends who are skating and not skating alike! I wanted to catch the sunset, so my sisters and I decided to come right at 4:30 pm, to witness the day and night lights. After enjoying a skate, we proceeded to order an Uber Black to head into town for an elevated ride experience. 

2.  Central West End. Arriving to Central West End, I'm greeted by all the gorgeous winter lights and props set up for the season! It's absolutely stunning, and makes up for the cold weather outside. There's so much to see, eat and do! From the beautifully decorated Chess Hall of Fame, to the horses carrying passengers on festive carriages, to the fountain replaced by a giant lit tree, you'll be sure to find the experience you're looking for on a winter weekend night! 

4. The Chase Park Plaza Theater. This location is only a few minutes away from the heart of the Central West End, so we took a quick Uber Black to escape the chilly walk. This is a great place to catch a movie in theater, retro style, and enjoy the beautiful ambience and winter decorations inside the hotel. After the movie was over, we proceeded to order an Uber Black to visit the neighborhood lights of the Central West End Area (just from the car), while then proceeding to Bissingers Handcrafted Chocolatier. As a pro a tip, when entering the original destination into the app, I tapped the + sign in order to add additional destinations on my way! 

5. Bissingers Handcrafted Chocolatier. After a long movie and lights, you'll want to grab something cozy! This destination has some of the best flavors of chocolate made into drinks, desserts and snacks!  It can often be intimidating to walk back to our cars at night, so we ordered an Uber Black safely back to our car at the garage, knowing that Uber is committed to make each rider experience a safe journey. 

Thanks so much for following along my tips, and I hope you'll enjoy a wonderful night out in Saint Louis this weekend riding with Uber! 


Much love,

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Living in a small town with a big city feel, it's always worthwhile to support our small businesses. With the holiday season coming up and the big rave about Black Friday, today I'm taking the time to share about my favorite Saint Louis businesses to shop with this Small Business Saturday using Uber!


My first stop of the day is Fauxgerty. Located in Central West End, Fauxgerty is focused on sustainability through cruelty-free, vintage and natural fabrics like organic cotton and hemp. All of their pieces are made in an ethical factory supporting fair wages. I love coming in here and browsing their selection of faux leather jackets, to aesthetically pleasing beauty products! After picking up a few beauty goods here, I ordered an Uber X  while at check out to get to my second location on the list, Bowood Farms. There's only a short two mile drive between them, so it's great to take an affordable, everyday ride between the two. 


Arriving to Bowood Farms, I'm greeted by the gorgeous greenery all throughout the store. This is a great gem in Saint Louis to find unique accessories to add the finishing touch to your living room, kitchen, terrace or garden, and the best part is that it includes a small cafe inside for your mid-day cravings. I went ahead and added this location to my Saved Places on Uber, that way I could remind myself to bring my family back here next time for some succulent shopping & brunch! You can take advantage of this feature while en route to the location, and you'll be able to personalize your account with a list of all your saved locations! 


My last stop for my Small Business Saturday shopping is at PaperDolls Boutique. Located in Delmar area of midtown Saint Louis, its a great place to find chic accessories and gorgeous coats! After an afternoon of shopping with all these lovely shopping bags, I'm finally ready to set my Uber X for a pick up. 

I hope you'll stop by some of these local Saint Louis Businesses when doing your holiday shopping this year. Be sure to save some time between the locations, and order an Uber X to be most efficient on your Small Business Saturday. Have a great week with friends and family!

Much love,

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Hi loves! I hope you are all having a great Ramadan by this time of the month. With Eid right around the corner, I partnered with Thouqi to bring to you guys 3 Eid look ideas! I absolutely love all three of these selections, because I feel that they have just the right amount of oriental style blended with contemporary dressing. I'll definitely be wearing these looks for upcoming Ramadan iftar (dinner) parties, and to Eid friend & family visits! You can also dress these pieces enough for perhaps a wedding or other ceremony. 

If you haven't watched the look book video, click here! Shop the looks below: 

Outfit #1:

Bisht: Thouqi

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Senso

Bag: Karl Laggerfield

Scarf: H&M

Watch: Kate Spade


Outfit #2

Dress: Thouqi

Bag: Gucci

Shoes: Topshop

Scarf: Austere Attire

Jewelry: Marc Jacobs & The Limited


Outfit #3:

Vest: Thouqi

Scarf: Austere Attire

Shoes: Express 

Top: Poplook

Pants: Banana Republic

Bag: Gucci

Sunnies: Miu Miu

Much love,


I'm back from an amazing week in Miami, and have really been into this laid-back, chill vibe. Today, I'm sharing how I styled one of the IT-dressed of the season from SPLENDID: the slip dress.

We've seen this dress styled numerous ways. Whether it be adding a brown belt and oversized denim jacket, or a striped tee underneath and a red bandana, its safe to say that this dress is SUPER versatile. I decided to pair it with matching black culottes and a white bell sleeve top, topped with a black belt and minimalist slides. It also comes in other colors like red, navy & green- you can browse them here!  

Lastly, if you haven't entered yet on Instagram, be sure to check out the giveaway I'm sharing in partnership with Splendid! By following both @SplendidLA & @SummerAlbarcha on Instagram, and tagging a friend in the comments, you'll be entered to win a $500 SPLENDID gift card + this exact slip dress! I highly suggest letting your friends know about this super easy giveaway before it ends next week-- it could be you!

Much love,


I'm out & about in NYC in my amazing 7 For All Mankind side striped denim! As you've probably noticed on Instagram, I'm kind of loving the patched denim trend. Its really easy to style patched pieces for a casual street style look, or dress up for something more classic. From written statements, to fun emojis, we can probably all agree that patches add more character to your outfit (and mood!). It's a quite simple trend to take part in whether you choose to buy ready made, vintage or DIY denim you already own!

In this look, I paired the jeans with a simple white button down and a long coat. To top it off, I added a pop of maroon through the patent glossy boots. For makeup, I went with a heavier eye and a simpler lip (you could also do a maroon lip if you like to be matchy-matchy!). 

Shop below my top patched denim picks & matching pieces for this season! And yes- some of these pieces are from the mens section (which I totally shop in for oversized items). Enjoy!

Much love,


Today I'm sharing how I styled this graphic Coca Cola tee in three different ways. As you may know, I love mix and matching my wardrobe, so this post will be all about getting the most utility from your pieces.

For this first look, I went with a more street styled, sophisticated outfit. I paired it with a belt to add more dimension to the look, in contrast with the wide leg pants. Because the plaid blazer has hints of red, I thought I'd bring it out with the bright red tee. Lastly, the sunglasses add even more color since the bulk of the look is brown and black. I would wear this to a business meeting, a lunch appointment, or something casual yet cosmopolitan. 

For the second look, I paired the bright red tee with a pink coat and denim. I feel like this look screams spring, which is exactly what I was going for with the pastel tones. All day errrday in a coat! 

For this last look, I thought I'd throw some print by pairing this tee with a leopard print jacket. To balance the prints and color, I accessorized with all black, white and nude tones. I wore this on a flight, in NYC and even in the Caribbean, so this look is super flexible regardless of the event and situation. 

Much love,


Photographed by Laurel Creative.

I'm out and about in NYC in this 3 piece look paired together by color coordinating my wardrobe! I wore these trousers in sunny Grenada, and again in snowy NYC, so they are super versatile. Best of all, they are under $16 and are amazing quality for the price. I'd recommend checking out the other color waves of the trousers!

Shop this look below!

 Much love,


Fall and Winter trends are all about layering. When I discovered that Inayah sold winter coats and scarves in a range of colors, I knew that I would find quality, classic pieces. Today, I'm sharing my favorite finds from Inayah for this season! As you may know, they recently opened their U.S site, making shopping and shipping for modesty, stylish finds, super easy and quick for all of us here!   

First off, I'm sharing how I styled three coats from Inayah: gray, maroon and camel. These three tones are honestly my go-to outfit style. If you scroll through my IG feed, I'm almost ALWAYS in these coats! Whether you pair them with a skirt or skinny jeans, coats are great pieces for adding dimension to your outfit (and keeping warm, duh!). I'm wearing the Tan Belted Midi Coat, the Charcoal Wool Classic Belted Coat, and Plum Jersey Blazer. Click here to browse more coat colors and styles!

Second, Inayah is an amazing site to find high quality, comfortable and gorgeous toned scarves. I chose to style their blush modal scarf & feather grey modal scarf. I absolutely love these two scarves because they have a little bit of shine in them, making them versatile for casual or fancy outfits.  Click here to browse a full selection of colors and materials.

Overall, I'm all about investing in classic, versatile pieces, and as you can tell, I'm ALWAYS styling my Inayah pieces on the go. I've been able to create so many looks with one coat (check out how many are in the charcoal woal midi coat!), and I'd love to see what looks you're able to come up with as well :)

 What are your favorites from Inayah? Let me know in the comments!

IG: @Inayahc


Much love,


Happy Sunday loves! Today, I'm going to share three looks I styled from RIVA Fashion over the fall season. From fancy co-ord sets, to frilly sleeved blouses, RIVA has so many amazing finds for every fashion taste. I decided to style these three different trends: pleats, co-ords and long coats. Let's start! 

My first outfit from RIVA features this gorgeous red frilly sleeved blouse and wide leg pleated culottes (nope, not a skirt!). I topped it off with a light pink scarf and black accessories, that way the red is the focus of the outfit. Shop their blouses here and trousers here!

This second look featured this gorgeous pink floral co-ord set from RIVA Fashion. I thought I'd go out of my comfort zone and style a super bright and printed outfit-- I absolutely loved it though! This outfit would be perfect for a fancy dinner out, or a professional meeting. You can probably tell by now that I love how easy and fashionable co-ords are, since the matching is already done for you. You can shop this look here and here!

My third look consists of a pleated black maxi coat. I decided to style it more casually, pairing it with white sneakers and my fave Marc by Marc Jacobs color-block handbag. I'd dress this piece up by wearing cream straight trousers and nude heels underneath! For the love of layering in me, I can never get enough of long coats. I'd highly recommend browsing their collection of coats here!

What are you fave picks from Riva Fashion? Let me know in the comments below! Have a great Sunday!

Much love,