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Today, I'm sharing all the festive activities Saint Louis has to offer, while riding with Uber Black! From where to see the best lights, to watching a seasonal performance at our downtown theater, to grabbing hot chocolate and ice skating, I'm highlighting the perfect weekend winter night activities in town. 

One of the barriers to enjoying a fun night out with the rest of the town is dealing with parking!  I decided to park my car at a local garage, and ride with Uber Black to get throughout my multiple destinations for the night.

1.  Steinberg Ice Rink. This has to be one of the most beautiful ice skating rinks in town to view the city skyline, the lights, and enjoy a cozy night out. From the fireplace to the hot chocolate, its a great destination to enjoy with friends who are skating and not skating alike! I wanted to catch the sunset, so my sisters and I decided to come right at 4:30 pm, to witness the day and night lights. After enjoying a skate, we proceeded to order an Uber Black to head into town for an elevated ride experience. 

2.  Central West End. Arriving to Central West End, I'm greeted by all the gorgeous winter lights and props set up for the season! It's absolutely stunning, and makes up for the cold weather outside. There's so much to see, eat and do! From the beautifully decorated Chess Hall of Fame, to the horses carrying passengers on festive carriages, to the fountain replaced by a giant lit tree, you'll be sure to find the experience you're looking for on a winter weekend night! 

4. The Chase Park Plaza Theater. This location is only a few minutes away from the heart of the Central West End, so we took a quick Uber Black to escape the chilly walk. This is a great place to catch a movie in theater, retro style, and enjoy the beautiful ambience and winter decorations inside the hotel. After the movie was over, we proceeded to order an Uber Black to visit the neighborhood lights of the Central West End Area (just from the car), while then proceeding to Bissingers Handcrafted Chocolatier. As a pro a tip, when entering the original destination into the app, I tapped the + sign in order to add additional destinations on my way! 

5. Bissingers Handcrafted Chocolatier. After a long movie and lights, you'll want to grab something cozy! This destination has some of the best flavors of chocolate made into drinks, desserts and snacks!  It can often be intimidating to walk back to our cars at night, so we ordered an Uber Black safely back to our car at the garage, knowing that Uber is committed to make each rider experience a safe journey. 

Thanks so much for following along my tips, and I hope you'll enjoy a wonderful night out in Saint Louis this weekend riding with Uber! 


Much love,

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