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I hope you’re all having a lovely fall (almost winter today!). I know I’ve been living in the nyc area for quite some time now, and I wanted to take the time to share how the changes have been for me, how it’s affected my blog work, and everything in between!

First off, I absolutely love living in the northeast! I knew it would be a major change from my midwest hometown, but I’ve found it to be accelerating my work and efficiency in running my full time blog. It makes me happy that I can be an entrepreneur with a number of resources around me. I’ve also become so inspired by living near a big city with a melting pot culture, and have even noticed my style to be evolving into something edgier than my usual taste, which is awesome because its opening so many new ideas for me! How have you been liking the change?

One of the biggest advantages of this area is being near NYC. While many may dub it as inconvenient, it doesn’t have to be. As you know, I have two interns who work on the logistics of getting all this content and inspiration out for you guys! When I’m planning a day in the city, I’m relying on Uber and picking up one of my interns who is available on that day, Madelyn or Rahma, taking them around town with me as support! Through Uber, I’m able to schedule rides throughout the day in advance— just hit 'Request for a Guest', to bring them along with you on your adventures! Having a driver readily available definitely enhances my work life. A big part of our day is not only spent brainstorming, but really jumping around from location to location, whether it be events, meetings, shoots and more. A lot of the content you see on IG comes from hours of planning and executing, including meeting with the press relations of various brands to collaborate on these visions (all made possible with living near NY!). Uber’s accessibility is helping me schedule a busy day, yet be efficient in meeting my end goals.

Overall, I can’t wait for the coming months with tons of future projects coming at you! Thank you for always being supportive at every step of the way!

Much love

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