Happy Saturday ladies! As I posted on Instagram earlier this week, I really wanted to know your questions. Whether it be blogging or fashion tips, I'm excited to be of any help! So, here are the answers to some of your asked questions! 

1. Are you in college?


2. How did you start out as a fashion blogger? 

My friend first introduced me to Instagram at our high school lunch table. I sat there, browsing through the app, and said to myself, "let's see if there's anything under #modestfashion". To my surprise, I found an amazing world of style & trends that I had never seen in fashion magazines or billboards growing up. I felt so inspired in that moment, and the next day, I gathered my friends together to shoot the first outfits of what would become this page to inspire others in my community. 

3. How are you able to travel so much?

I planned my university schedule to only be twice a week, meaning I have 5 days off a week! 

4. How far in advance do you plan your outfits?

It depends. When an outfit idea comes to mind, I write it down in my notes. Then, when I'm getting ready for an event or shoot, I can remember the outfit combinations I listed. So, I sort of plan them!

5. What do you do for a living?

Currently, I'm a full time student, and blogging is my full time job. 

6. What is your advice to start a blog?

I would say to take baby steps and to never feel disappointed when something doesn't work out initially. In no time, you'll find yourself where you want to be compared to where you were if you continue to put effort. 

7. How do you wrap your scarf?

I wear a head band cap underneath with a simple hair bun. Then, I fold the scarf 1/4 the way if it's too wide and wrap it around my head one time. And, I don't like to show my under-cap, since I think it keeps the scarf style simpler. 

8. Are you in need of blogger interns?

Yes--will be hiring soon! 

9. What did you study? 

I'm currently studying Business Management with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies.

10.  During the initial stages of Hipster Hijabis, it was a group of girls. When and why did you decide to make it solo? 

When I first began the page, it was mainly a summer-time hobby. After we all went back to high-school that August, it became difficult for us group of ten girls to meet often to shoot. That's when they told me to take care of the page since I was most interested in keeping up with it. We are all still close friends! 

11. What are your tips to finding modest clothes at department stores?

Focus on finding pieces that are already modest to begin with and don't require too much effort to be made into an outfit. For example, a long sleeve blouse with sleeve detail would be easier to style at a basic level rather than a short sleeve blouse that would be paired with a jacket (that might disrupt the initial trend of the shirt). I'd also suggest layering pieces all the time, such as having a white button down to pair under shorter sweaters. 

12. If you could go back to the initial stages of when you started this account, what advice would you give yourself knowing what you know now?

I would tell myself to be more consistent in keeping up with posts from day one. Other than that, everything happens for a reason! 

13. How can I get modeling opportunities for modest clothes stores or just clothing stores in general?

Now-a-days, it's really essential to build a resume with not only experiences but also a social media resume. By sharing your passions online and growing an audience that has similar tastes, that would only prove more to employers how motivated you are in the field you are going for! For example, if you are a photographer wanting to get a job, it would be highly recommended to have a social platform with your photos as part of your resume. 

14. Can you please do a hijab and make up tutorial?

I would like to! I don't have a YouTube channel, but I will be sharing my makeup routine and scarf tutorial on my blog shortly. 

15. How do you organize your scarves? Fold them or hang them?

Honestly, I'm always looking for inspiration for scarf organization. I have about 50-100 scarves. I always start out by color coordinating them and folding them into several stacks. I've tried the hanging idea, rolling them, pretty much everything. 

16. How do you layer so well? 

You're so sweet! I think it's all about proportioning the pieces with your body proportions.

17. Is there anything new you learned from the fashion weeks you attended? 

One thing I learned is that it is often more enjoyable to be there before & after the show, and to not be disappointed when you don't receive an invitation to all your favorite designers. 

18. Do you enjoy what you are studying in college? 


19.  What made you gain fame?

I wouldn't necessarily say I've gained fame, but I would attribute a lot of my audience growth to sharing content frequently, working with a variety of brands and engaging with their audiences, and press coverage by media outlets. 

20. What's the most inspiring town you've been to?

This is going to sound so basic- but Los Angeles really caught my eye when I was there last summer! All the cali-vibes you see on IG- they're real! Besides L.A, as a kid, I grew up visiting Damascus, Syria every other summer for three months at a time, and it really taught me to appreciate the beauty of such a historical and radiant city. 

21. How do you organize your clothes at home ? 

I have about 3 closets (kind of crazy). Everything is separated based on category. For example, I have long coats in a section, short jackets, blazers, trousers, denim, sweaters...etc.  I'm always looking for more inspiration for closet organization though. 

22.  How long have you been blogging for?!

Almost 5 years. 

23. How old are u ?

21 years old. 

24.  Are you married ?


25. Where are you from?

My family is originally Syrian, born in the USA. 

26. Where do u live?

Saint Louis. 

27. What are some of your blogging projects?

My biggest project to date has been with L'Oreal Paris on a worldwide campaign launching THIS spring. 

28. How do the ideas come when writing an article on your blog?

Whenever an idea comes to mind, I write it down in my notes and go over it when I'm planning a blog post to share for the week. 

29. Are you ever gonna do a meet and greet in Dubai?

I would love to come to Dubai soon, and do a hang out session!

30. For the beginners in the blogging world, what do you advise them? 

I would say to focus on what you would really want to read about and see. Fill the gap that is missing in the industry you are blogging about, and stick with your unique aspect. 

31. What do you do financially to be able to create the content that you do for your blog? 

Creating content essentially requires a camera, whether it be an iPhone or collaborating with a photographer. I don't think that creating content is the most financially burdensome part of blogging. With a free website, blogging is technically expense-less! 

32.  I'd love to know your brand grew! Tips would be great! 

I think by staying consistent with your post frequency, style and overall theme, its easy to maintain an audience and build a brand for yourself. Definitely plan and shoot posts ahead of time, and share throughout your busy week! Anyone can make time if they really put their effort into it. I'll do a full post on this in the future!

33. Is there anyone who inspires the way you dress?

I tend to dress in a variety of styles, but it mostly goes around the theme of layering and every-day wearable. For top blogger inspirations, I've really been loving the following accounts recently:




34. Who takes most of your pics?

Sometimes professional photographers, sometimes my sisters or friends, and sometimes myself with a mirror.

35. Please give tips for wearing the hijab. 

Personally, I've never seen my scarf and way of dressing as a barrier to my interests or activities. I've always tried to intertwine both. By sharing different modest looks online, I hope to share some of this personal confidence with others who may be struggling to fit in or be stylish while also being modest. 

36. What inspired you to become a fashion blogger?

I grew up styling outfits for friends and family- whether it be giving advice on shopping trips, or organizing closets together, I always felt that allowing women to feel enthusiastic about their appearance would allow their confidence to shine through to others. On IG, I began to share images and tips for styling modest outfits in a time that it was difficult to find ready-made pieces in stores. 

37. How do you shoot/edit your images?

I like using the app Facetune and IG filters mostly. I shoot with a range of photographer cameras or iPhone. 

37. who are your biggest inspiration? 

Chiara Ferragni is one of my biggest inspirations in the industry. If you read about her blogging journey to launching her shoe collection, she has so many amazing accomplishments. 

38. what kind of ootd is your fav?

Long coat, white button down, sweater on top, black skinny jeans, white sneakers, black bag and a neutral scarf. I love having a pop of color in the shoes, sunnies or bag!

Much love,