Happy Friday! As you've probably seen from my Instagram, I've been loving side striped pants lately. They're comfortable, sporty, and still have an element of sophistication to them. Today, I'm sharing five ways to style them for your everyday looks. Let me know your favorite! 

BEIGE LAYERS: For this look, I paired a colored stripe pant with an all neutral top and jacket. I'd suggest finding one of these inner fur, suede jackets for the winter! This one was from Forever 21 a few years back. I also paired a simple high low cream sweater underneath, so the outfit could do with or without the jacket. The simple formula for this look is to pair the bright red stripe in the pant with a high low sweater & suede fluffy jacket. 

WHITE ACCESSORIES: For this look, I took a white button down and topped it with a leather jacket to give a sportier, edgier vibe. Because the stripe is white in the pants, I'd suggest pairing it with matching white accessories like in the shoes and handbag, to neutralize the bright red. 

MATCHY-MATCHY: For this look, I took the navy and white stripes, and matched it with a similar printed high-low shirt. I then contrasted the shoes and bag with white accessories to match the white in the stripe, similar to the above look. 

THROW A COAT ON IT: Pair your trousers with a white button down & long neutral colored coat. I added the pop of color in the shoe, since the outfit was toned down. This is an easy go-to combination for any color trousers: long coat + white button down! 

MATCHING DENIM: Lastly, pair your look with a denim jacket! I'm wearing a matching long pink sweater underneath, to make the focus all on the jacket and its pearl details. I'd make sure that the denim jacket and sweater are proportionally similar, that way one doesn't stand out more than the other. If your pants have a red stripe or white stripe, then try pairing it with a matching colored jacket if you own one! 

Overall, I hope these tips were helpful in planning out your next striped pant look. Let me know your future suggestions below!

Much love,

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