I recently got back from a quick trip to Toronto & Niagara Falls, and I thought I'd share a few of my tips to pack lightly while traveling. Whenever I'm traveling, I always try to pack as minimal as possible for my 3-4 day stays (these photos were taken in Miami!). I packed one carry on for four days worth of outfits this time to Canada (with multiple layers too!). If you have any upcoming trips that you don't want to overpack for, consider these tips! I know I have a few upcoming travels where I won't be able to overpack at all, so I definitely appreciate any tips in the comments below! 

1. Minimal makeup pouch. Am I really going to wear that bold lip I've never tried before? Do I really need to bring the entire palette of eyeshadow? Will I be using every shade in the contour palette? Instead of bringing unnecessary shades and tones, I packed a small brush/bronzer compact that I also used as a gorgeous bronze/pink eyeshadow. For eyebrows, I brought a tiny brown eyeshadow compact which I used for lining my brows, eyes and eyelids. Definitely felt more minimal, but it was all I needed and use on a daily basis! 

2. Shoes. Wear sneakers, and pack one pair of loafers and one of sandals (or another shoe of your choice). Both can be dressed up or down, but when packing a carry on, you can't afford the bulky space of shoes. I brought my silver loafers and gray suede sneakers, while wearing white sneakers throughout the trip. All three pairs were white and gray toned, matching with everything I brought. 

3. Layers. My most convenient layering piece on this trip was a denim jacket. I wore it over a tshirt on one day, and over a button down striped shirt on another. I think the outfits were distinguishable enough, while still recycling the same pieces! 

4.  Purses. When packing purses, I make sure to fill them with items like under clothing, accessories, that way they are not taking up unnecessary space (and also don't get compressed in the bag). On this trip, I wore my white Prada Saffiano bag, while packing two more smaller purses in my carry on, filled with various items like sunglasses, watches, etc. 

5. Scarves. If you wear a head scarf, then you probably find yourself packing an entire rainbow collection of scarves JUST in case you need the exact tone to match an outfit to. On this trip, I saved myself the giant 10 pack of scarves, and believe it or not, only packed THREE. One light gray, one darker gray, and one mauve. It was all I needed! 

It felt great to come back and find that I had used everything I packed, and nothing was unnecessarily taking up space. My biggest suggestion would be to preplan outfits before leaving, that way you only bring what you are using! 

Have any light packing tips? Let me know below in the comments! 

Much love,