Hi loves! Today, I'm sharing my top 7 handbag trends for the summer. If you're like me and always hitting the "save" button on those gorgeous Instagrammed handbag street style looks, then read below on some of my favorite trends + shoppable links! 

1. PRINTS. I mean, who doesn't love the Gucci Dionysus print?? It's everywhere! I'm definitely a fan, and hoping the trend will stay for a while. Prints are so perfect for those plain outfit days, and also a mix print, colorful look. I'm always inspired by a colorful printed bag for an outfit, and I think it helps with putting together the right color toned look. 

2. WORDS. I'd be careful with this one since you wouldn't want to come off as too cheesy, but I think the words trends on clothing is so good, and it adds a lot of drama to your handbag or clutch. 

3. STRAW BAGS. I'm loving this trend for the summer time because it adds such a relaxed, laid back vibe to any look since they've traditionally been just for the beach. I styled a bunch of straw bags on my trip to Cuba, and they fit SO much inside! You can find a bunch on Etsy, if not in everyday stores. 

4. CLASSICS. These, I believe are acceptable to splurge on. I have 3 designer handbags I've purchased over the past few years in the shades brown, black and white, and I made sure to only pick designs that are really timeless in their style (...craving a red bag soon!?). These are the three I own, along with more fave picks! As I mentioned before, I tend to shop classic designer bags through Rue La La (where I often find them for half off the price after their initial season). I purchased my white Prada Soffiano bag through there! Click HERE to join Rue La La for free. 

5. MINI SIZE. Two words- TOO CUTESY. While they don't cooperate much with the functionality part, they're perfect for those days where you just need a card, ID, phone and lipstick in your bag. I wouldn't suggest splurging too much on these, since they're so small and not as functional for everyday, but they're still super classy for everyday outtings and fancy events!

6. ROUND. I'm loving this fresh twist on the classic rectangular shaped handbag. It adds such a fun, unique, and sophisticated vibe to your look, since it makes it look like you went out of your way to find this specific trend bag. 

7. COLOR.  I tend to focus the pop of color in my outfits through handbags, so I'm all about this trend since. You can't go wrong splurging a little here, since unique colored bags will always be useful (and come back again!). Some of my favorites this season are mint, velvet purple, bright orange, and more. 

Much love,