As the holiday season approaches, many of us will be traveling this November & December, whether it be for work, vacation, or visiting friends and family! Today, I'm sharing 5 packing tips that I have found to be useful when putting together a versatile wardrobe for a quick weekend get-away.

Before beginning on the tips, it's obvious you will need at least a suitcase! Lately, I've been traveling with my AWAY carry on and large suitcase. I recently got back from a trip to St. George's, Grenada, and I brought both of these luggage pieces with me. Not only were they durable throughout the multiple flights, but the amount of space inside the super light-weight, quality luggage is just amazing. I love how modern and chic the suitcases are. I definitely would recommend heading to their site here and browsing their various size and color collections ( I have both suitcases in navy, the carry on and the large), as well as browsing their Instagram @away for beautiful travel inspiration!

NOW, let's begin on the tips!

1. Always pack layers. 

It's quite obvious now that I love to layer, and that's especially important when traveling in the winter and wanting to create a chic, warm outfit! For example, I would suggest packing a pull-over sweater with a white button down under, and a leather jacket to top it off. This way, the 3 layers are easily removable, but also useful for mix and matching other outfits!

2. Pack these 3 shoes: Booties. Flats. Loafers. 

 To me, these three shoe styles make up a combination of comfort, elegance and style. You'll have the perfect shoe for the pop-up occasion that could occur while traveling (such as a surprise dinner outing). The black flats give you flexibility with pretty much any outfit (if you end up purchasing pieces you'd like to style while traveling). The silver loafers allow for comfort, and also a metallic pop of color with a plain outfit. The maroon booties are flexible for a dressed-up or dressed-down outfit on the go! You'll definitely end up wearing all three, and who doesn't love the awesome feeling of having not over-packed! 

3. Pack this color handbag: maroon. 

For this wardrobe example, I styled everything around a maroon bag. You're definitely welcome to choose the color of your choice, but I love having a pop of color in my accessories while keeping outfits more neutral for travels (since it's more flexible). As featured above, I'm able to pair the maroon handbag with a gray tweed coat & sweater, a black leather jacket & sweater, and a long camel coat & matching maroon turtleneck. All three outfits could easily match a pop of maroon, while each still maintaining a different style and color palette. If you're wanting to limit the over-packing, try taking one handbag to match everything (....and maybe a black purse for back-up). 

4. Pack a variety of pants. 

While I try to limit on overpacking, I really do think it is important to have a variety of pants, such as blue denim, leather black pants and wide leg culottes. You could pull off the same gray sweater with each, but it would be a totally different outfit because the pants really do make all the difference (and change of shoes)! 

5. *If you have a pop-up rack, I'd highly suggest setting it up to lay out possible outfit combinations! I ALWAYS use mine that I purchased from Target for planning travel looks, and pretty much everyday #ootds. If you're traveling to a destination for long term and may have limited closet space, I'd even take apart the rods of the pop-up rack and pack it in the suitcase, along with light-weight plastic hangers, that way your wardrobe can be easily organized and manageable while abroad. 

I hope you enjoyed these simple packing tips! Let me know what your travel outfit making recommendations are below. Have a great holiday weekend and safe travels!

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