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Hi loves! As NYFW is approaching, I figured I'd re-cap on some tips I've learned throughout the years for attending fashion weeks worldwide. It occurs twice a year- in February, showcasing Fall/Winter styles for the incoming year and in September, showcasing Spring/Summer styles for the following year. Let's begin!

Tip #1.  Begin the process by familiarizing yourself with the designers on the schedule. Whether it be reading about them in magazines, or following them on social media, begin interacting with the brand. Every season, schedules are uploaded to Modemonline or NYFW's site just a few weeks in advance.  

Tip #2. Apply to ALL shows. Give it a shot! There are 100s of shows occurring throughout the small period of fashion week, so it is impossible to actually attend them all. 

Tip #3. In your application, send an email to the PR company handling the runway show or presentation that season, describing yourself, your work and your reasoning for being in the audience (almost like a mini-resume!). It is all about purpose. Why is it vital to be in the audience? What can you contribute to the brand image? PR companies and brands invite celebrities, editors, reporters, photographers and more recently, bloggers, in the seek of publicity. 

Tip #4. Timing is everything. The general time limit to begin contacting PR companies is within 2-3 weeks of the show. 

Tip #5. Find a news source or magazine (even local ones) to host you to cover the shows! This will encourage PR connections and provide a professional boost to your application. 

Tip #6. Talk to friends on the same path! It is all about who you know. Perhaps your friend has a connection with a designer or a news source you were unfamiliar with. 

Tip #7. If you find yourself unable to attend your favorite NYFW shows, there are PLENTY of other fun events, parties and photo shoots happening all around town that same week. Speak live on a news-broadcast outside the show. Get your outfit spotted by paparazzi. Sample makeup on camera for a brand outside the event. Mingle with people around you.  

Tip #8. Even if you don't get into your priority shows, you might just fall in love with a new brand and build amazing connections with them. Take the opportunity to mingle with new brands, share curated and impressive content about your experience, and it might just serve as a steady basis in your next fashion week email application. 

Did you find these tips helpful? Let me know what you'd like to hear more on!

Much love,