Where to Stay: 

This Fashion Week, I stayed in the Upper East Side of New York at The Surrey. The hotel was a bit of a trip (only 2 miles) from the shows in SOHO and Midtown, but it was beyond worth it. My FAVORITE part about my trip to New York was returning to our hotel in the quiet part of town after a hectic day between shows and friends. The staff was always, always friendly and willing to help with anything. Sometimes it's nice to get away from the hustle & bustle of NYC! 

How to Get Around: 

Because of the cold, it was difficult to go long distances by foot like last season.  Instead, I downloaded the Uber app and had a ride within seconds of my location. I also recommend public transportation if you're not in too much of a rush (the NYC route map isn't very difficult to figure out!).  

What to Wear:

Compared to the Midwest, people in NYC definitely have their unique style. I took this opportunity to wear pieces I wouldn't normally get an opportunity to wear in Saint Louis between school and friends. At times, I even felt underdressed. 

The Craze:

One of the exciting parts about Fashion Week is the traffic by the shows. From spotting actors to world renown magazine editors to live TV coverage, it's a great chance to meet awesome people! Photographers are flooded on the streets, capturing outfits that stand out from the crowd. As one of the few women at the shows wearing a head scarf, it's safe to say that I was photographed multiple times-- and asked, "are you from Dubai?" (haa!). 

How to go to NYFW:

It all starts with purpose. Why is it vital to be in the audience? What can you contribute to the brand image? PR companies and brands invite celebrities, editors, reporters, photographers and more recently, bloggers, in the seek of publicity. The more coverage for their line, the greater sale opportunities. 

Here are some ideas to get into shows:

1. Be familiar with the designers on the schedule. The schedule can be accessed here

2. Begin by applying to attend the emerging designer shows. 

3. In your application, send an email to the show's PR company, describing your influence and ability to contribute to the brand's image. Make yourself stand out from the crowd! 

4. Timing is everything. The general time limit to apply is within 2 weeks of the show. 

5. Find a news source or magazine (even local ones) to host you to cover the shows! This will help greatly with PR connections and provide a professional boost to your application. 

6. Lastly, talk to friends on the same path! The fashion world is all about who you know. Perhaps your friend has a connection with a designer or a news source you were unfamiliar with. And if you find yourself unable to attend the NYFW shows, there are PLENTY of other fashion shows, events, parties and photo shoots happening that week which are very fun and beneficial to attend! 

Much love,