This post is in paid partnership with UBER.

I'm so thrilled to partner with UBER this Milan Fashion Week. Making it on time to shows was CRUCIAL, and by far, Uber was the best choice towards arriving not only on time, but in style.

Being our first time in Milan, we obviously were unaware of the distances between all the shows and events. And while I LOVED Italy, its safe to say that not everything is always convenient when it comes to scheduling a day around events. Would I have enough time to make it back home for an outfit change? Could I grab a snack with friends in between? Where is the nearest pharmacy? With all these questions as a first timer in a city, and through using scheduled rides on UBER, we were able to plug in the locations automatically on UBER and generate an estimated driver and destination arrival time. 

As reference, in Milan, all Ubers begin at UBER Black, which was such an exciting luxury when being taken to and from events! Photographers would crowd outside our car to spot who was exiting the vehicle, and it made our days just so much more exciting.  The convenience made it so much less hectic to order our ride while everyone was coming out of the show and people/cars are everywhere. And, when the show was nearly done, we'd place an order for a ride, that way our car would be ready at our chosen location to make it to the next one. 

Ultimately, I know that the next time I'm in Europe for FW that I'll be relying on Uber for its convenience and hassle free experience to get me between the shows. It's amazing to have a trusted platform that is quite universal, and can be utilized in a number of ways to ensure the best travel experience. 

Much love,

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