Ramadan kareem! I just returned from a beautiful trip to The Gambia with Penny Appeal, where I had the opportunity to visit all of their projects on the grounds. I witnessed first hand the impact your donations have on the people, and now, I'm taking everything I've seen, and sharing it with you all to raise funds together for this sustainable lifelong cause! 


WHAT? Help us empower and foster independence in The Gambia through funding income generation projects that promote sustainability, independence and empowerment for communities in the rural country. 

WHY DONATE? Your donation will provide an ongoing sustenance to not only the current community, but future generations to come. Farmers earn a portion for income generation through sales in the local market, and keep a portion of the crop for food supply. This income helps families pay for childhood educations, support their family meals, provide a home, and overall support the wellbeing of the communities. 

AMOUNT? We are seeking to raise $15,000 to contribute to the development of Horticulture Gardens in the Gambia. For every $5,000 Penny Appeal can construct a new well in a village, providing nourishment and a sustainable water source for all of life's needs at the footstep of the community. For every $100,000, Penny Appeal can build a full Horticulture garden with irrigation systems.  

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Located in Western Africa, The Gambia predominantly rural country with a population of roughly two million people. The country is largely dependent on agriculture, and unfortunately, food insecurity is prevalent as the region becomes increasingly susceptible to harmful climate events. This leaves many agricultural laborers with little work and few means of supporting their livelihoods. This was the case in Tamba Kunda, a rural town in the south of the country, close to the border with Senegal. Thanks to the help of Penny Appeal, the people of Tamba Kunda - especially farmers and agricultural laborers - now have a sustainable place to grow crops, and a way to secure their livelihoods with their horticultural garden, an initiative set-up and subsequently supported by Penny Appeal through the Feed our World program.

TESTIMONIES: Awn Gibba, a farmer describes the changes brought in by Penny Appeal -- "I earn money by selling the things I grow in garden, which means I can now afford to send my children to school. I can even afford to give them lunch money and some pocket money!"

JOIN US! Penny Appeal takes your small change, and makes a BIG DIFFERENCE with it. Join us in changing the lives of thousands in this beautiful ongoing project. Any donation, big or small, will most definitely make an impact. 

Wishing you peace,
Summer Albarcha