Hi ladies! Today, I put together a few tips on how to appear classy and elegant while keeping a budget! I love having a versatile wardrobe with pieces that will last throughout the years. Let me know if these tips were helpful and what your style tips are! 

1. Trench coats, winter coats, aka my obsession. I always find myself picking out a long coat & satchel bag when putting together an outfit on-the-go. I feel that it gives off a put-together vibe, while looking effortless at the same time. I watch too many detective shows, so that's probably where the inspo came from! 

2. Add your own embellishments! For NYFW, I glued a trim of feathers onto this plain sweater from H&M and took this $10 sweatshirt to $300 (at least that's how I felt)! Same goes for buttons on tops. Look too plastic-y? Make a button upgrade! 

3. Here's an easy one. Make sure your clothes are ironed! Wrinkles can make anything look cheap or worn out. 

4. If I could wear wide leg pants with every outfit, I wouldn't hesitate. This style is not only modest, but super elegant (especially when they fit well and look tailored). 

5. Winter time= bring out the faux fur! I'm loving the fur scarf, vest, key chain trends this season. I think it makes anyone look cozy & cheery. Here, I added a pom-pom key chain for a pop of color & texture. 

6. Faux (or real) leather. I love these faux-leather pants I found at Zara last year. Rather than wearing plain old black skinny jeans, faux leather gives an additional texture to an outfit, allowing you to pull off a more minimalistic top (since all the detail is in the pants)! I also suggest carrying around a black leather jacket for an added texture to your look. A leather jacket works with anything. Also, faux leather gloves for the cold! The more textures, the merrier!

7. It's all in the final touches of the bag. Here are my favorite bags for this season within the hundreds range (that look high-end to me!) 

8. Wait, shoes too. Wearing solid colored pointy pumps, suede booties or even some effortless sneakers can always add a little lux to your look. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.02.12 AM.png

9. Lastly, the details. If the piece is priced inexpensively, often the gold and silver detailing will look fake or extra cheap. I suggest finding pieces with rose gold or dark gray detailing in the zippers, chains, jewels...etc. because those tones seem to look consistent regardless of the items pricing!