Hi loves! I know it's been quite some time that I've been blogging and never had the chance to share my everyday makeup routine. While I don't consider myself to be the best makeup expert there is, here is just a post of what I do for an everyday look as an everyday person. I attached links and images to some of my latest faves. A lot of these products were sent to try, and I've really loved a lot of them! I'm not the type to change makeup routines, but go through the post and see if there's anything you'd like to try. :) 

1. Face: You want to start out with a clean, freshly washed face (of course). Instead of a lot of skin prepping that probably should be done, one beauty hack I’ve learned over the years is to wipe my face with a makeup remover wipe— and it instantly glows after makeup application! I love using the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. #lazygirlhacks

2. Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer? On a daily basis for school, traveling, hangouts, etc, I LOVE using the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. I've been using it for about 5 years now, and it really gives a tan, natural glow. If I don't have time to put any makeup on, I'll at least put the tinted moisturizer on as a sunscreen, moisturizer, and color all in one. One downside is that it is likely to come off by the end of a 15 hour day, especially after coming home from university (can someone explains how this occurs?!), but it is absolutely perfect for wanting to look fresh and ready for something occurring soon (such as a meeting to head to in half an hour). Also, I find myself not needing to add any blush or bronzer when I’m wearing it. #lazygirlhacks

For those liking powder compact foundations, I’ve been recently using the Halo Compact Powder Foundation by Smashbox. It really feels like there's nothing on your face. I begin by rubbing a little of their foundation primer on my face using my hands, then powder on using a round powder brush from Bare Minerals. I'm wearing it right now!  I also sometimes layer it on top of my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer face days for extra setting. 

2. Concealer. We Middle Easterners definitely like our under eye concealer. For the past year, I’ve been using the Smashbox Studio Skin concealer for under my eyes in a lighter shade-- and it really brightens up your bags. For facial concealers, the Almay stick has always been a great color match for me, and it has salicyclic acid which helps heal the covered acne AT THE SAME TIME. I've been using it for 8 years now! I always carry it in my purse, and find myself adding it to any blemishes on those non-makeup days to have a fresh, healthy, natural glow. #lazygirlhacks

3. BROWS. Once, I was on set for a makeup shoot, and I learned that when you fill your brows with gray powder, it creates a natural, full shadow. I've been doing it for the past year and swear by this beauty secret. I'm obsessed with using the Smashbox Eye Shaping kit, and am almost out of their gray powder compact. It also comes with lighter shades to use as a brow highlight (and for clean ups) which is AWESOME. To top it off, I use eyebrow gel from Anastasia to keep the shape in place. Even if I’m too busy to do the full look, I find myself using just the gel and it really leaves your brows looking full and perfectly shaped ALL day. #lazygirlhacks

4. Eyeliner. To be honest, most days I just skip the eyeliner. Instead, I line the bottom of my eye with brown eyeshadow from the Smashbox eye shaping kit. 

5. Eyeshadow. I've had a Naked 3 Palette from Urban Decay for the past few years, and use it EVERYDAY. I absolutely love the gold and pink tones. I start by using a smashbox eyelid primer on my eyes (which can be substituted with moisturizer or concealer), then add a full eye of a lighter color, followed by a darker shade in the crease. I always stick to nude tones like pastel pink and gold bronze to keep a natural glowy look. 

6. Mascara. I'm obsessed with the CHANEL Le Volume de Chanel mascara. I find it that it instantly makes my lashes thick & long with only a few coats. I'm also a huge fan of the Smashbox Indecent Exposure Lengthening mascara- it's definitely not messy and is great for girls with longer natural lashes.  

7. Lips. I switch this up 24-7, but I always carry a Rimmel London light pink lipstick in shade 40 in my purse, along with a YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-in-stick in shade 44 Nude. I love light pink lipsticks since I tend to focus a lot on the bronze tones in the eyes. Recently, I've been using the new Lancome Juicy Shakers, and they're so so moisturizing! It's almost as if you have on a tinted chapstick. I use a little dab of the bright fuschia tone, and it makes a glowy, fresh lip. 

8. Bronzer, blush & highlighter. I've tried a mix of options, but currently, I'm only using the Smashbox Spotlight Highlight Palette as a bronzer, blush and highlight ALL IN ONE. It's amazing. I've never been a fan of contouring and layering multiple products on my face, so this all in one palette is just perfect for a natural, bronze glow. Try it and let me know your thoughts! Now, I only have to pack one little palette with me when I travel. :) #Lazygirlhacks

9. Let it Set. I find that makeup always looks more put together after 10 - 15 minutes post - application. I spray a little Smashbox Photo Finish Primer spray to speed the process up as well. 

10. aanndddd.... TA-DA

I hope you'll try some of these products out & let me know your thoughts on my makeup routine (if you've made it this far down- congrats!). As I said earlier, I'm not the expert makeup applicator, but I find that this process works great for me! 

Here are links to all my fave products. 

Share your lazy girl makeup hacks below! 

Much love,