Today I'm sharing all about my first ever desert safari experience in Dubai! I was recommended to try Platinum Heritage by a friend, so we decided to book with them. Here's what I learned about on the trip! 

First of all, t's a guided tour experience. This means that instead of crazy riding in the sand dunes, you're taking a smooth car ride in 1960s Land Rovers throughout the conservation lands and learning about Bedouin rituals, environment and history. I honestly came back learning so much more than I had expected, such as how the falcons inhabit the UAE for only a few months a year and are trained as hunters by Bedouins. 

We all received scarves to wear throughout the trip as a souvenir, whether to cover your eyes from the sand, or tie on your head from the heat. I already wear a head scarf so I tied it on top to keep my scarf from flying in the car ride! 

After the guided car tour, we spent some times in the dunes, then made our way to the carpeted area for a falcon presentation. We were greeted with sparkling date juice, bottled iced water and dates. It was such a beautiful sunset experience, and fascinating to watch the falcon dive for its meal! 

Lastly, we headed out in our Land Rovers in the late dark night to our Bedouin inspired camp, where we would take part in UNLIMITED camel rides, drink a variety of local drinks like arabic coffee, karak and even camel milk, take part in an amazing arabian feast with all your favorite appetizers, rice and meat (and desert!). They ended the night with performances from a male group of Emiratis, then the female "hair dance". Afterwards, all the lights were shut off to gaze at the natural starlight. 

I found this outfit last minute in Dubai before our trip! I had not packed lightly for the extreme heat (105 degrees F) and luckily, this outfit really came in handy for preventing excessive over heating. It's a two piece tank and pant look, paired with a long lightweight cardigan, black sandals, and a red scarf to top it off! I found myself matching quite well with the camels on site-- totally unintentional. Overall, I'd definitely recommend booking with Platinum Heritage next time you're planning a desert experience for you and your family! 


You can shop this exact look below! 

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