My first time in London was absolutely AMAZING! From every taxi, to every street corner, and to every little building, it was all just so charming, and told a little bit of history about the place. I'm so happy to have stayed at the Amba Hotel Charing Cross on Strand-- it was truly an amazing location to stay for London Fashion Week! 

Because it was my first time in the city, getting around was definitely going to be a struggle with me. However, I was so happy to have discovered how close and convenient the Amba Hotel Charing Cross was to the main area. I spent the entire day walking with my sister and good friend Marwa Atik, and walking is always the best way to experience the city. I was able to walk to shows, to change looks, to shoot, to meet with friends, and more! It was so easy to find my way back home after a long day of walking about, whether it be to Covent Garden for dining, or Oxford Street for shopping. There was also an underground tube stop right at the door of our hotel, meaning public transportation was easier than ever. We were so lucky to be there during good weather as well, considering it's usually quite rainy and gloomy.

Alongside the convenience, this also meant that the views were spectacular. I truly enjoyed waking up to breakfast on the hotel's terrace on the second floor, overlooking the government buildings and charming London streets across the Strand. The breakfast room itself was glamorous in the engraved walls, and chandeliers throughout, making the start to our day super refreshing. They've been able to retain all the beautiful period details of this historic Victorian hotel without sacrificing any of the modern technology and convenience of a modern hotel

On another note, I'm SO inspired by London style. From the oversized blazers, to the lace up boots, to the military coats, I can definitely note the difference between American and British fashion. You probably noticed the change up in my outfit style while abroad as well-- I feel like the place you are in always has an effect on how you decide to dress that day, and I love it! 

As you’re reading this, I’m currently back home from my extended trip across Europe and to Beirut, and back, but follow along with my adventures in Italy & beirut on Instagram and have a great day everyone! 

Much love, 

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