As you may have read in my life update post, I took a quick trip to Beirut to work with @saiidkobeisyofficialon a wedding gown! With this platform, its an opportunity to share how I'd style a modest bride at this point in my life, where you all have grown with me for so long! Our wedding will take place this summer inshallah, so stay tuned for then! 

While the trip was only two nights in Beirut with my sister, and let me tell you, it was SO SO worthwhile. I had not been to Beirut in over 9 years, and so this experience was just memorable and special. Suzi and I were welcomed by the lovely Four Seasons Hotel Beirut. Located just along breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea and marina, our hotel was just steps away from so many cultural and historical experiences within the city. We were able to walk to a number of places-- Beirut Souks, Zaytuna Bay, Hamra street & more! One of my favorite things about the Middle East is how everything is in such close proximity, and it really allowed us to make the most out of our day. 

Arriving into our room, I found the most gorgeous chocolate wedding gown made by the FS Beirut team! I was truly in awe at how fabulous and creative the gesture had been. The concierge team tended to us throughout the stay, whether it be recommending places to head to, surprising us with a late night afternoon tea party in room, or treating us with a one of a kind Lebanese breakfast. 

Since I had been traveling from London Fashion Week and onto Milan's, you can imagine how sleep has taken a toll on us. I was so happy to take part in the Mediterranean Massage experience at the Four Season's Beirut Spa, consisting of local scents, olive oil, and all the richness of the region integrated into the full body massage experience.  

While the rooftop pool was closed for the winter, a security guard was kind enough to take us up for a tour, and the view was truly spectacular. From the mountains to the marina to the city buildings, Beirut is truly a city that never sleeps, and there's always something to see, eat or experience. 

Ultimately, if you are planning your 2018 travels, Beirut is a MUST visit! You'll be able to experience so many wonderful adventures, and the best Lebanese hospitality. Thank you Four Seasons' Hotel Beirut-- the stay was purely magical! 

Four Seasons Hotel Beirut
Address: 1418 Prof. Wafic Sinno Avenue Beirut, Minet El Hosn, Lebanon
Phone+961 1 761 000

Instagram: @FSBeirut

Much love, 

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